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I'm Mago. I've always struggled with my weight since I was a teenager. Actually, I was really just a few pounds overweight to start with, then I just couldn't stop the "weight creep" till I was approaching age 40. At that point, I topped out at 174 pounds (5 ft/8in). Then my husband and I heard of the Eades and Protein Power. It was great! I lost over 30 pounds, and it seemed so easy. I felt good, had energy. Then I embarked on a career change that consumed every ounce of energy, involved chronic sleep deprivation, and put bagels and other high-carb convenience foods in front of me basically every single day. At first I held it down, but gradually the old ways of eating and the feeling of what difference does it make? overcame me and I saw all my lost weight regained. Plus more. I saw the scales register in the upper 180s, even saw 190 a couple of times. Felt like I was being dragged irresistably toward the dreaded 200. Then I discovered CAD and CALP. I could see that it was consistent with the Protein Power low-carb principles, plus gave me a new tool to manage my carb cravings - the wonderful Reward Meal! I started on CAD/CALP in August 2009 and have been very slowly losing weight since then. I recently started Slow Burn exercise program as something I could commit to that would improve my physical fitness but not too demanding in terms of equipment, time, or gym memberships, etc. This whole HIP (Health Improvement Plan) is a lifetime project!

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Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program (CALP)
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Slow Burn


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