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Yo-Yo Dieting

Special diets to lose weight. Return to 'normal' eating and lifestyle habits. Put on most or all of the weight you lost. Sound familiar? We thought so.
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Why do we "go off" our plans? Brain chemistry!

Why do we go off-program when we know better?

Why do we allow temptation to derail us?

Jonah Lehrer, author of How We Decide, describes the battles in our brains, in an experiment that may help us understand why we choose things that aren't always best for us. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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Why I eat chocolate while staying 'on plan'

Why I eat chocolate as part of my lifestyle change

I'm a chocolate addict. I've been a slave to chocolate most of my life.

Cravings for chocolate cake, cookies, ice cream, and candy have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. And I was mostly unable to control them. Until recently, that is.

My desire for sweet chocolate goodies contributed to my steady weight gain over the years. Why? Because once I gave in to my cravings, it triggered a vicious circle of sugar highs and crashing lows, followed by intense cravings for more sweets or other high-carbohydrate foods.

Why include chocolate in my new lifestyle?

I believe any diet that prohibits your favorite foods will fail. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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