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Mayonnaise and Salad Dressing Recipes

Alternative Salad Dressing and Mayonnaise Recipes for Carbohydrate Addicts

We've decided to stop using store-bought mayonnaise and "ranch" dressing (we used to use Best Foods® mayonnaise and Teri was fond of Hidden Valley® Ranch dressing). We've been searching for homemade alternatives to the store-bought varieties, and we'll share the great recipes we've found.

Why switch from store-bought? Several reasons: we want to eliminate most processed foods, and the mayo and ranch dressings make up the majority of the store-bought processed foods we eat. Expense is a factor, as well: we spend a fair amount of money buying the Hidden Valley Ranch dressing (even at Costco, it's expensive).

Best Foods mayonnaise contains sugar and soybean oil*, and Hidden Valley Ranch dressing has sugar and some less-than-appealing preservatives and fillers**.

Though they both claim '0 grams carbohydrates per serving' on the nutrition information label, they are allowed to round down to the lowest whole number, which means that each serving could have as much as .999999999 grams of carbs. If you are trying to cut carbs, these hidden carbs add up (since most people eat more than a single 'serving' as defined on the label you're probably consuming more carbohydrates than you think).

Alternative recipes list

Here what we've found so far. We present a list of ingredients so you can see if you might want to try it, but if you want the full recipe, follow the links!

We'll update the list as we find new recipes. Bookmark this page and come back occasionally. If you know of good alternative recipes, sign in and leave a comment at the bottom of this page! Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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Low-carb fried chicken breast fillets with Pecorino Romano cheese crust and sauteed mushrooms

Here's a quick and easy meal I threw together tonight. We had two chicken breasts and a package of sliced mushrooms in the fridge, waiting to be prepared... but we didn't know what to make.

Teri suggested that I make some kind of grilled herbed chicken dish with jack or mozzarella cheese and sauteed mushrooms. That got me thinking... I remembered that I had just purchased a big wedge of Pecorino Romano cheese... so this is what I came up with.

This recipe makes nice, crispy fried chicken breasts, with a crunchy Romano cheese crust - it's reminiscent of old-fashioned fried chicken, because the cheese has a nice crispy crunch to it, and Romano cheese is fairly salty so it brings out the natural flavor of the chicken breast fillets. Best of all, the finished dish is very low-carb. Even if you decide to add whipping cream or milk to the egg, very little of it ends up on the finished dish, so I'd say it doesn't add much in the way of carbs. The Romano cheese is low in carbs, too. Everything else is zero-carb if I'm not mistaken.

Total prep time was about 30 minutes. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

Dredging chicken fillets in egg batter mixture
Dredging chicken fillets in grated Romano cheese
Adding chicken fillets to skillet
Low-carb fried chicken breast fillets with pecorino romano cheese crust
Chicken breast fillets with pecorino romano cheese crust ready to be served
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Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters Recipe

(Note: This isn't a new recipe, but I've added some photos so I'm pushing it to the front page.)

Here's one of Teri's favorite 'desserts'. She loves chocolate, and is satisfied by one or two of these little gems. She uses a dark chocolate since there's less sugar, and recent research suggests a variety of health benefits.

You can adjust the ratio of chocolate to almonds if you like more chocolate, use fewer almonds. If you like almonds more than chocolate (that'd be me!) you can reduce the chocolate to 'just enough' to coat the almonds...

It's really simple, and Teri says you don't need a detailed recipe.

For those of us who enjoy using a recipe anyway, here's ours: Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters
Teri Prepares Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters
Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters
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An Updated Guide for Low-Carb Dieters (New York Times)

While not strictly news, this interview discusses some of the misconceptions about low-carb dieting in light of recent studies confirming what we've known for a long time -- there are health benefits to low-carb dieting.

An Updated Guide for Low-Carb Dieters (New York Times)

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Study shows that low-carb diets may help reduce heart risk factors

Yet another study shows that the lipophobes were wrong -- that low-carb dieting isn't bad for your heart:

Low carb diets may have edge in some heart risk factors

The fascination with low-carb versus low-fat diet continues; the latest news comes from a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine released today that found that people on both diets lost about the same amount of weight over two years. However, the low-carb group had an edge in raising HDL (good) cholesterol and lowering diastolic blood pressure

Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »
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Lipophobes and Statinators, Oh My!

Dr. Michael Eades ( uses the terms Lipophobe and Statinator to describe the seemingly single-mindedness of some in the medical establishment, often sounding like broken records... "Cut the fat!" "Reduce Cholesterol!"

His posts are a usually lengthy but well worth the read. Go on over and check them out!

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French Vinaigrette Dressing Recipe

Today's recipe is a link to something I found a few weeks ago.

We were looking for a recipe for home made French vinaigrette dressing. We have been using Le Martinique True French Vinaigrette Dressing, purchased in small bottles. We like that brand a lot, but, unfortunately, it's fairly expensive purchased locally or over the internet since the bottles are so small.

I found a page on that describes (with photos and a detailed narrative) a simple recipe for making a nice french vinaigrette dressing with shallots, red wine vinegar (or sherry), Dijon mustard, olive oil, sea salt, and herbs (chives). We found it to be quite tasty, and it only takes about two minutes to make (total prep time is about 12 minutes since you have to let the shallots marinate in the red wine vinegar and salt for 10 minutes before adding herbs).

If you read the recipe, the narrative and photos might give the impression that it's a complicated recipe. Fear not! Just scroll down to the bottom of the narrative, and there's a simple recipe that you can snip and use. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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Chile Verde Recipe

We enjoy this Chile Verde recipe. Tender chunks of pork shoulder slow-cooked in a rich green sauce make for a tasty meal, and the leftovers are delicious over the next day or so.

Those not on a carb-restricted diet can use it to make a burrito, or serve it over a bed of rice.

It's great all by itself, though. Do try it!

This recipe makes enough to serve four adults with some leftovers remaining. You can freeze the leftovers if you aren't in the mood to have this for lunch or dinner in the next few days.


  • Salt and pepper for seasoning.
  • 1-1/2 to 2 lb. pork shoulder roast.
  • Vegetable oil for frying.
  • One medium yellow onion, thinly sliced.
  • Two large cloves garlic, crushed or chopped fine.
  • (Optional) 2/3 cup white wine (I use inexpensive Chardonnay) for deglazing.
  • One or two 16 oz. jars of Salsa Verde. We like Herdez Salsa Verde or La Victoria Salsa Verde (mainly because it's what we have available locally), but you can use whatever you like -- choose your level of spiciness.
  • 1/2 cup water
  • (Optional)Small (7.5 oz) can of red salsa. This adds to the richness of the green sauce. We really like El Pato Jalapeno Salsa or El Pato Mexican Hot Style Tomato Sauce (available at many local grocers in the Mexican food section, for under a buck a can.)


The main task is to cut the pork shoulder into bite-sized chunks. We try to remove as much of the external fat and any connective tissue that might make the meat tough to chew. This may take a while depending on your knife skills, so budget your time accordingly–it usually takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to prep the pork roast.

Cut the meat into 1 inch cubes (or smaller if you like, but not too small.) Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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Marinated London Broil, Grilled

This charcoal-grilled marinated London Broil recipe is another oldie but a "goodie", and it fits in well with any limited carbohydrate regimen. It's not low in sodium, though, since it's marinated in Worcestershire and soy sauces. Each serving has about 8g of carbs (depending on serving size). Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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Low Carb Compatible Recipes

Carbohydrate Addict's Recipes

Looking for something new? Tired of the same old thing? Have we got a meal for you!

This online 'book' contains a collection of our carbohydrate addict's diet reward meal (RM), complementary meal (CM), and low-carb compatible recipes. Most of these are low-carb rather than zero-carb, though there may be an occasional zero-carb recipe thrown in.

Our intrepid chef (AKA Darling Husband) shares his favorites with you. (To be fair, many if not all of these are LowCarbForLife's favorites too!) Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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