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Diet and Perception

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6.16.13, Low Carb Diet Journal

Sunday, 6.16.13

143-1/2 lbs.

Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: Deviled eggs
Dinner: Salad of romaine w/celery, cucumber, & raspberry vinaigrette, prime rib w/au jus, asparagus w/mayonnaise, cinnamon roll, dark chocolate

Carbs: candy, roll
Protein: eggs, prime rib
Vegetables: celery, cucumber, lettuce
Other: dressing
Beverages: coffee, water


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My Body Composition Results

Even though I have lost over a hundred pounds, which makes me much smaller than I was when I began my program five years ago, I have a hard time accepting that I am no longer fat, thanks to my remaining belly flap. I am still watching my body shrink so I decided that it was time for me to take a really good look at my naked body.

My thoughts:

Gravity does not look good on me;

I would look much better if I could lift and tighten up a few areas;

My body looks better than I ever thought possible;

Clothes do a wonderful job of hiding my imperfections;

The only people that actually see my flaws are my husband and me.

My conclusion:

I am healthy and fit so it is now time for me to change the way that I think about myself!

I discovered thrift stores after I began losing weight because I needed to buy clothes that fit. Since I was confident that the program I was following would lead me to success, I did not want to spend money on new clothes because I did not plan on wearing them very long. Over many years of yo-yo dieting, I had acquired jeans in sizes 14, 16, and 18. Size 18 was the largest pair I owned, not because it was the largest size I should wear, but because I refused to buy a bigger size even though I could not fit into them.

Because of my fabulous program, it did not take me long to go from not being able to get into my size 18 jeans, to wearing them. As the time passed, I went from size 18, to 16, and then I reached the smallest size jeans that I owned, 14. Each time I got myself into a smaller size, I donated the ones that I used to wear because I had no intention of ever wearing them again. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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November, 2012 - CALP Low Carb Diet Journal

This will be my daily journal for the month of November!

This month brings Thanksgiving and we are entertaining our family members in our home. We will be cooking a meal that will not contain many gluten free foods but that does not mean I will be eating them. We are going to keep to tradition and include our usual homemade foods like bread, cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed potatoes, salad, turkey, sour dough bread stuffing, vegetables, and yams made w/brown sugar & marshmallows. My plan is to remain wheat and gluten free so my menu will include salad, turkey w/gravy, and some vegetables. I will be skipping all the other carbohydrates for a piece of my wheat and gluten free chocolate pecan pie made with a coconut flour crust. I will also make my lemon layer cream cheese pie with a coconut crust, but my pumpkin pie will be made in a traditional white flour pie crust.

Last year on October 28, 2011, I became wheat and gluten free. I am quite happy to go without those foods and continue to make every attempt to avoid them. Wheat is not something I have missed this past year since I actually began limiting it in my diet almost five years ago.

Apparently, October is the month when I make changes to my eating program, including the one I made last year. This year, on October 21, 2012, I began to pay attention to my hunger. I discovered that I was eating even though I was not hungry and found myself limiting some of my evening meals, and even skipping a few. The next change came on October 26, 2012, after eating my dark chocolate almond bark, when I decided to limit it to once a week. I made one more change on October 28, 2012, when I decided that I did not need to fill my entire one-third portion with carbohydrates, and began limiting them. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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My Journey Back to Slim Day 4

Today I decided to design this plan around my own desires and needs. I don't really like breakfast and the coffee w/heavy cream will be enough unless I'm going to the gym around noon. I want to avoid getting too hungry before I get home after working out. Still haven't got that figured out, yet.

I also like to eat a light dinner, early. This worked out better since I was satisfied and not too full in the evening.

Breakfast: Coffee w/heavy cream
Lunch: Grilled steak

3:00 Snack: Radishes, cucumber

RM Dinner @5:30: Popcorn sprayed with Butter Spray, Large apple w/cheese slices,
1/2 large tomato. Didn't want anything else even though I
could have. Hmmm.

Exercise: Gardening

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My Journey Back to Slim (Continued)

Don't feel like eating "junk" at all. Even when I'm hungry, I just have a glass of water and tell myself I need to wait for dinner. Think I would like to have a small snack at 3:00 tomorrow. Will see how it goes.

Breakfast: Coffee w/heavy cream
Lunch: Steak, cucumbers and radishes w/salad dressing as a dip, green beans.
RM Dinner: Large vegtable salad with a huge tomato picked right out of my
garden. Pork rinds w/sour cream. Homemade blackberry pie
filling w/plain yogurt. Red delicious apple off our tree with cheese.
Exercise: Gardening. Weather is great!

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7.29.11, Low Carb Diet Journal

Thursday, 7.28.11


CM: Diced ham and scrambled eggs, bacon, broccoli, cauliflower
RM: (Buffet restaurant) salad w/cucumber, olives, & ranch, bbq chicken, kung pao chicken, broccoli w/cheese sauce, dark chocolate covered strawberries

Carbs: bbq sauce, dark chocolate, kung pao sauce, strawberries
Protein: bacon, cheese sauce, chicken, eggs, ham
Veggies: broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, lettuce, olives

80 oz.



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Grain Free Scale Results After 7 Days!

I began an experiment beginning on the 11th of June. A friend of ours mentioned to my husband that he lost weight by cutting grains from his diet. I have been trying to introduce other carbohydrates into my diet besides chocolate, and I didn't realize that every carbohydrate that I like to eat besides avocados, chocolate, fruit, and nuts, contain flour.

I was really excited to begin eliminating grains in my diet because I hope to find out how certain foods affect me. I want to know why my scale has been bouncing around so much lately and going without grains for thirty days sounded like the easiest experiment I could try.

Six days after going grain free, I ate lunch at an all you can eat pizza parlor with a group of six of us. My intention was to eat from the salad bar, hoping I could get enough protein. I had already mentioned to some of the group that I had gone grain free and since I had no problem going to the pizza parlor, one of the women asked me if I was going to eat the toppings off of the pizza. I didn't think of that and once she mentioned it, I knew I could get enough protein, not missing the bread at all.

I continue to follow the guidelines of CALP and I have lost weight every single day since going grain free. I have noticed since I have given up grains that I am not as hungry during mealtimes which has lead me to eat less. Is it coincidence, or do grains...flour in my case, affect me negatively. Only time will tell!

6.11.11 - 146-1/2 lbs.

6.12.11 - 146 lbs., lost 1/2 lb.

6.13.11 - 145-1/2 lbs., lost 1/2 lb., down 1 lb.

6.14.11 – 144-3/4 lbs., lost 3/4 lb., down 1-3/4 lbs.

6.15.11 - 144-1/2 lbs., lost 1/4 lbs., down 2 lbs.

6.16.11 - 144 lbs., lost 1/2 lb., down 2-1/5 lbs.

6.17.11 - 143 lbs., lost 1 lb., down 3-1/2 lbs.

Positive results so far!

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How "Heart-Healthy Whole Grains Make Us Fat" (

Fascinating study results involving obese teenage boys. Feed them three different breakfasts, with identical caloric value, but composed of different food types (low, medium, and high Glycemic Index foods). Monitor blood chemistry and subjective hunger perception. Feed them the same meal for lunch. Let them eat anything they want after lunch. Measure how often and how much they ate. Monitor total caloric intake.

These results speak for themselves:

“Voluntary energy intake after the high-GI meal (5.8 megajoule [mJ]) was 53% greater than after the medium-GI meal (3.8 mJ), and 81% greater than after the low-GI meal (3.2 mJ).”
“In addition, mean time to the first meal request after lunch (2.6, 3.2, and 3.9 hours for the high-, medium-, and low-GI meals, respectively) differed between test meal groups (high GI vs low GI; P = .01; high GI vs medium GI, not significant).”

That’s not a misprint. People consumed 81% more calories during the five hours after eating instant oatmeal than after eating the same number of calories as an omelet and fruit—and 19% more calories after eating steel-cut oatmeal than after eating an omelet and fruit. (Note that the hunger curve for both kinds of oatmeal was rising precipitously at 5 hours, whereas the omelet + fruit curve flattened out. Do you ever have to work late? Is dinner always five hours after lunch?) Furthermore, the omelet-eaters took 50% longer to request any food at all.

Source: How “Heart-Healthy Whole Grains” Make Us Fat

So, according to the study, the modern "heart-healthy" oatmeal breakfasts that we keep hearing about, can make us hungrier, want to eat more often, and consume almost twice as many calories following the meal when compared to the shunned egg omelet.

Go read the article (and the original study, if you have time). Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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Commercially prepared ranch dressings and hidden carbs

Teri and I had dinner at a local Mexican restaurant the other night, and she ordered a chicken salad with Ranch dressing, which we shared.

Teri used only a small amount of the Ranch dressing on the salad, but I noticed it had a detectable sweetness to it. Then I remembered that most Ranch dressings have added sugar as one of the ingredients.

It's funny, but now that we've switched from prepared mayonnaise and salad dressings to homemade, we can now taste the added sugar in products we once consumed on a regular basis–products that we'd never before perceived as having a sweet taste!

The moral of the story: read your ingredients lists, folks!

Too many prepared foods have added sugar and even though the caloric load of the sugar may be low in the individual servings, the cumulative effect can have a negative impact on your weight loss and health goals.

Another interesting point: You don't realize how we've grown accustomed to the added sugars in our daily diet, until you start to eliminate them.

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I'm eating less and enjoying it more

I've noticed something.

I've noticed that I don't eat as much food as I used to. And I'm not missing it.

I used to eat a second helping at lunch and dinner (when dining at home).

I used to clean my plate when dining at restaurants. Nearly every time. Now I usually have to bring half the meal home with me. (That's OK, the food is nearly always better the next day.)

What I've learned

I've learned to eat smaller portions of higher-quality food. Eating sufficient quantities of fats and proteins along with my carbs and veggies has helped me do that.

I no longer "pig out" when eating food I like. I learned to do this by balancing my meals and thinking about what I'm eating. All without tedium, without counting calories, without complicated rules. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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