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Maintaining one's attitude when long-term dieting is important...
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At this point in my weight loss journey, I have come to the conclusion that the one thing that I really need to do is to change my expectations. I have lost an enormous amount of weight and because I am so close to my ideal weight, I will never give up on trying to reach it but I don't want to feel as if I am a failure if I don't. I need to continue to remind myself that I was obese for over half of my life and at the age of 54 years, I am in my golden years. I have been fortunate to reach a normal weight, and even though my scale fluctuates, I have been able to maintain it.

When I first started CALP, I joined a few support groups and in order to join I had to set a weight loss goal. Initially, I chose 125 lbs., but then I thought it was unrealistic because of my age and the fact that I was going through menopause, so I changed it to 140 lbs. The reason I chose 125 lbs. as my first goal was because it was a weight that I was happy with when I was a young adult. The reason I changed it to 140 lbs. was because it was a weight that my body used as a set point back then, and it was also the weight that I was before I became pregnant with my first child and never came close to reaching again.

I have tweaked my program a few times and even though my tweaks have been successful and resulted in weight loss, I have not been able to maintain the weight loss that I was able to obtain from them. I am extremely comfortable with following CALP and even with the tweaks to my program, I will continue to follow it. As far as I am concerned it has been a positive learning experience that I am grateful to have found. I am not perfect and I do indulge at times, but I feel better about myself than I ever did, and that is priceless!

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March, 2013 - CALP Low Carb Journal

This will be my daily journal for the month of March. My weight dropped two pounds since last month, so I am still heading in the right direction.

I am approaching my fifth anniversary of following CALP and my sixth year will begin on 3/03/13. This weight loss program definitely works for me. I have lost over 100 lbs., and I am still losing. Needless to say, I am thankful that I found it!

I am still working on my wheat and gluten free lifestyle. I noticed that when I eat wheat, my cravings begin leaving me hungry for several days afterwards.

I am no longer trying to eliminate dairy from my diet. I have not noticed any difference when I eat it, so I don't believe I have an allergy to it.

This month I am going to be increasing my fat intake. I have noticed that I don't seem to be as hungry when I eat more fat so this is another experiment I will be trying.

Began CALP on 3/03/08
Began Exercising 4/14/08
Beginning Weight: Approximately 236 lbs.
Beginning Clothing Sizes: Top-XXL, Bottom-20W

Weight Loss Results:

2008: 3.04-N/A, 4.01-N/A, 5.06-218, 5.27-213.25, 6.27-209, 7.22-205, 8.03-203, 9.03-200, 10.04-196, 11.03-194, 12.02-188 – Lost 30+ lbs.

2009: 1.03-187.5, 2.02 & 3.02-183.5, 4.01-185, 5.02-182.5, 6.04-180.25, 7.01-176.5, 8.02-176, 9.02-173, 10.01-173.5, 11.04-175.25, 12.01-170 – Lost 17.5 lbs.

2010: 1.01-164, 2.07-165, 3.02-162, 4.01-161.5, 5.01-160, 6.01-157, 7.01-158, 8.01-156, 9.10-154, 10.01-154, 11.01-158, 12.01-155 – Lost 9 lbs.

2011: 1.01-150, 2.01-146, 3.01.148, 4.01-146, 5.01-144, 6.01-146, 7.03-139.75, 8.01-139, 9.03-139, 10.01-140, 11.01-139, 12.01-140, 12.31-139.5 – Lost 10.5 lbs.

2012: 1.07-140, 2.02-140, 3.01-141, 4.04-143, 5.01-141, 6.01-141, 7.01-143, 8.01-145.5, 9.01-142, 10.01-139.5, 11.01-140, 12.01-139, 12.31-134 - Lost 5.5 lbs.

2013: 1.01-133.5, 2.01-132.5, 3.01-130.5

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2013 - CALP Low Carb Diet Journal

Happy New Year!!!

I have been following The Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program since 3/03/08. Over the years I have developed healthier eating habits and only last month, I started my own low carb, low calorie eating program. To be honest, the only thing I have done is to limit my calories by eating less. I gave up dairy last month, not because I went low calorie, but because I want to see if I am experiencing any allergies to it. Since I don't believe a month is long enough, I am going to continue to avoid it for awhile longer. Apparently, what I am doing appears to be working because I lost six pounds since the beginning of last month.

Last year, I stumbled upon a book called

As soon as I made it past the first chapter, I was ready to go wheat free. To be perfectly honest, it was not difficult for me because my preference has always been chocolate over wheat. I discovered that I can substitute coconut flour and/or nut flours for the wheat and white flour, and I still get to enjoy baked goods whenever I choose.

I managed to maintain my weight last year, keeping it within five pounds of 140 lbs. Since 140 lbs. is the top of my ideal weight range, my goal is to reach 125 lbs., which will put me close to the middle of my BMI range too.

Progress continues to be made with me only having to lose another eight and a half pounds for me to reach what I believe will be my ideal weight. My goal of becoming fit and healthy has been met, and the way I have it figured out is, I can continue to follow my low carb, low calorie diet for another six weeks or so, and then I will reach my ultimate goal. Of course, if I still have my belly flap when I reach it, I will decide if I can live with it or if I need to make myself another goal.

My daily entries will include my menu and exercises for each and every day!

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My Transition to Paleo/Primal Eating

I ventured into the Paleo/Primal way of eating not too long ago. Because of my long time desire to lose weight, I found the right program for me. No big story there, but the only way I ever found to lose weight and keep it off, was to begin the Carbohydrate Addict's LifeSpan Program. It took me a little less than four years to lose over 95 lbs., and I never felt deprived, even once. This way of eating was the perfect way for me to transition into healthier eating habits because it taught me how to limit my carbohydrates to once a day. I followed the three simple guidelines of the program and most of my weight disappeared. CALP, as it is referred to, was the best way for me to eat and lose weight because I did not have to give up any foods. The thought of giving up any foods was out of the question because every time I had to give them up in my past, it would be the beginning of another yo-yo cycle.

Following CALP was easy for me. Limiting carbohydrates while still allowing them every single day will always be my perfect way of eating. I stayed strict to the guidelines of the program and I believe that is the reason I lost most of my weight. After beginning this way of eating, I did not become hungry in between meals and I even looked forward to my other meals that were limited to protein and vegetables. The best part of my journey is that one meal each day will always include any carbohydrate I choose to put in it. Chocolate is a food that I love and I have never been able to live without it. Healthy or not, I actually lost most of my weight by using chocolate as one of my major food groups. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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Weight Comparison – Then & Now

I have always been close to a petite size with my height of 5'3” tall. Before I got married in 1982, I had turned 23 years old a few months before, and my weight had been hovering around 140 lbs. This was the heaviest weight I had ever reached and I believe I never saw a higher number because of my success at yo-yo dieting. The only diet I had ever tried during that time was a low fat diet and because of my hunger, it took every bit of willpower I had for me to be able to stay on it.

The day of my wedding, I had reached a low weight of 118 lbs. I was successful in dieting myself back to a normal weight, but I only went from a tight size 10 to a loose size 8. Back then I did not exercise, so the weight that I carried was mostly fat since it did not include any lean tissue or muscle mass.

Only two years later, 1984, my weight was right back to hovering around 140 lbs., which was around the time I got pregnant with my first daughter. The day of her birth, my weight was around 210 lbs., and six weeks later it stabilized around 170 lbs. I continued to fight my weight using a low fat diet and every ounce of willpower I had. I gained and lost several pounds over the years, actually reaching the 160s at one point. I was really good at yo-yo dieting by the time my second daughter was born almost four years later, and even better when my son was born only fourteen months after that.

Over the years, I continued with my yo-yo dieting, usually losing around ten pounds at a time before I would stop. The pattern continued, I would get tired of being hungry all the time, feel deprived, and would resume eating the foods that I thought were healthy, eventually gaining more weight than I lost. Since my pattern had always been to gain more weight than I lost, my weight kept creeping higher. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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Exercise and Weight Loss

I was surfing the net the other day and I stumbled across a forum where someone was disappointed in the weight gain that they experienced as the result of introducing exercise into their program. This person wanted to know if exercise is necessary for weight loss? I took the time to read the responses and found that some of them were for it and others were against it. The worst part about wasting my time reading the responses was how disrespectful some of them were to the other responders when they did not agree.

If I were to answer the simple question, my answer would be that exercise is not necessary to lose weight! However, I have never heard of anyone beginning a “diet” or “weight loss program” for the one day results their scale would provide the following day. As far as I am concerned, there is much more to weight loss than the fluctuating numbers our scales provide on a given day. The fact is, a pound of muscle and a pound of fat weigh exactly the same since a pound is a pound, but the major difference is density. Fat takes up more volume, or space, than muscle, which results in the flabby look of fat instead of the lean look of muscle. For that reason alone, I believe exercise is a good idea!

My goal from the beginning of my journey has always been to become fit and healthy. On 3.03.08, I was 48 years old, only three months away from my 49th birthday. I was the heaviest weight I had ever been and I was disgusted with myself once again. My desperation in losing weight had me looking into every diet possible, including a liquid diet and bariatric surgery. Since my common sense told me that all of the diets I considered would be expensive as well as temporary, I needed to find a long term solution that I could follow for the rest of my life. Then I remembered a diet that I had tried several years prior called the Carbohydrate Addict's LifeSpan Program, and not only did it work well for me back then, it was really easy for me to follow. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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Fourth Year on Plan

A lot has changed since I began my new low carbohydrate way of eating four years ago. I was 48 years old and after fighting my weight my entire adult life, I became so disgusted with myself that I became desperate once again. I needed to find a program I could follow where I did not have to give up anything and I remembered a book I followed several years earlier called The Carbohydrate Addict's LifeSpan Program also referred to as CALP. I knew that once I got started I could follow it because the first time I tried it, I was successful. The only reason I stopped was due to my impatience with the speed of my weight loss efforts. I began following Atkins and did not realize the restrictions I would have to make by giving up CALP and found that I could not continue to follow this particular low carbohydrate weight loss program. Instead of going back to CALP, I resumed my old way of eating and watched my weight creep back up.

I don't know my actual weight when I began four years ago, but I do know that I was close to the highest weight I have ever seen on my scale because I could not fit into my clothes. I am one of those stubborn people that refuses to buy jeans in a size larger than an 18W and the one pair that I owned were too small. My wardrobe consisted of stretch pants and men's XXL t-shirts before I finally figured out what program I could adapt to my life. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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Wordless Wednesday: Lazy Dog Day

Photo of dog sleeping in the sun
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The Good Food Diet

I absolutely love CALP and what it has done for me. I have no doubt that I am a carbohydrate addict and I actually enjoy this way of eating. My biggest problem is that I love food, all food, including sweets. I have been in control of my diet for the last three years and have lost an incredible amount of weight. I have managed to get myself in great physical shape and I really like the way my exercise program makes me feel. I have been establishing habits that are beneficial to my health and I will never have to deprive myself of any food that I want ever again. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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Eating My Way to a Slimmer Me!

I look, feel, and eat like a normal person after beginning CALP almost three years ago. I am in charge of my diet and I love protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates. I am following a program that I can follow for the rest of my life because I eat real food and there is nothing that I can not have! I love food and the satisfaction of eating my way to a slimmer me can not be denied!

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