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tryptophan deficiency

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Mood, Food, and Cravings

Found a couple of interesting things today - possibly related to chronic tryptophan deficiency.

Chronic Tryptophan Deficiency and Carbohydrate Cravings

Brain serotonin (5-HT) levels may interact with use or intake of alcohol, morphine, amphetamine, and cocaine [37,50,57]. It has also been argued that craving for carbohydrates may be influenced by levels of brain serotonin. The major hypothesis of this type is that ingestion of carbohydrate (in the absence of protein) increases the availability of the serotonin precursor, tryptophan, thereby raising the level of brain serotonin. In view of the role of low levels of 5-HT in depression, the increase in levels caused by carbohydrate ingestion is particularly reinforcing to depressed individuals and this leads to self-medication with, or craving for, carbohydrates.

Chocolate cravings

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