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Genetically Modified Foods

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Mmm... tasty wheat!

Here's a cute little photo to keep in mind the next time you think about munching a cracker or making a sandwich.

Geneticist Ann Blechl and colleagues are the first to insert modified Fusarium chitinase and glucanase genes into wheat plants, which may lead to wheats that are more resistant to Fusarium head blight.

Photo by Jack Dykinga.

Source: USDA ARS

Now, doesn't that sound just yummy? Where do I get mine? Oh, yeah, just wait a couple of years, it'll be in our bread.

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Scientists under attack for criticising genetically modified food sales

I'm skeptical about the claims, but I am concerned about the nutritional qualities of genetically modified (GM) foods. Now some scientists are being attacked for their stance against GM food production and sales:

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