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Salt no threat, says study

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Here's a bit of cheery news, if you like your salt:

Eating less salt will not prevent heart attacks, strokes or early death, according to a major study.

Its findings contradict all recommendations by the Government and medical profession urging the public to reduce the amount of salt they consume.

Research involving nearly 6,500 people concluded that there was ‘no strong evidence’ that lowering levels in the diet reduced the risk of heart disease or premature death.

In fact it found that cutting back on salt actually raises the likelihood of death in some patients with heart problems.

Source: Cutting back on salt 'does not make you healthier' (despite nanny state warnings) (

The study may be flawed, so take it all with a grain of salt (and head over to to read the full story).

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Only one meal?

Wow, Teri. Looks like you only had one meal in a recent day. Just the RM. How did you manage? I get too hungry and that's when I commit badness in the world of dietary indiscretion! I'm assuming you were on the road and nothing CM available? BTW, welcome back!



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It was not my choice, circumstances prevented me from eating.

I ended up leaving for my folks house after my husband and I had dinner on Sunday, because my dad had cataract surgery scheduled for Monday morning. I was planning on coming home Wednesday after a doctors appointment I had scheduled and when I got ready to load my truck, I discovered I had lost my keys.

I spent an hour and a half trying to track them down and when I was unable to find them, I had to borrow my folks car so I could go to my appointment.

After my appointment, I was able to get in contact with my husband and discovered that I had given the wrong description of the keys to all of the places that I had already called. From Sunday to Wednesday, I had visited two hospitals, three restaurants, two grocery stores, a drug store, four department stores, and two peoples houses. After calling back all the places that were still open, I was still unable to locate them. The last place I remembered seeing them was on Monday at the hospital, so I told my husband that I would stay another night and see if I could locate them the following day.

I lucked out and found my keys at the hospital on Thursday so when I got ready to go and get them, my mom rode along with me since it takes almost an hour to get there. After retrieving my keys, my mom and I stopped to make a return and then we returned to her house.

I was going to meet my husband for lunch but I ended up with a dog so I went straight home instead. My oldest daughter had planned a visit to our house on Friday and she had called her grandpa asking if he knew anyone with a German Shepherd. As it turned out, a dog was delivered and since I was expected to take it to my house for her, my meal was put on hold.

My husband had the barbecue started but it was after 3 p.m., by the time I got the dog settled and our salads fixed. I was hungry and thoroughly enjoyed my meal eating until I was completely satisfied.

I stayed busy from the time I returned home until I closed my eyes that evening and I did not get hungry until the following morning.

Salt, Salt and Salt !!!!

I am inclined to believe this study.

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