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The Glutton's Diet

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Josh Ozersky, writing in Time Magazine online edition, describes his new diet. Down 22 lbs. in four months (he said he was inching towards 'three bills', which I assumes means 300 lbs. before starting the diet).

Guess what? He's watching his carbs and not depriving himself:

4. Have a Sausagefest
The one thing I more or less had to stick with was being a hawk on carbs.
The main thing I did was fill the refrigerator with high-quality meat treats[.]
5. Use a Release Valve
Despite the anorexic motto, "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels," a dieting fat person needs regular fixes, life-giving pleasure boosts to keep them from obsessing about egg foo yung.

No surprise, he reports his blood pressure has dropped and he's experiencing a dramatic drop in "cholesterol":

I'm as shocked as anybody else that this diet actually worked. I didn't do any exercise, since that requires organization and commitment and giant chunks of free time, all in the service of something that's not fun. So I just drank coffee and ate salumi and it came out right. My blood pressure is lower, I've had a dramatic drop in cholesterol, and I can close my collar without a Wonder Button.

Naturally, there's the expected lipophobic reaction from his physician friend:

But is it healthy? I asked my longtime friend and former physician, Dr. Michael Richter. "What you have done is all right for a quick weight loss," he tells me. "But you're still eating an unhealthy, high-fat, high-protein diet, and without exercising. It's not good. This is not a healthy way for a person to lose weight."

Read the rest: The Glutton's Diet: Five Tips from a Food Writer
(h/t: Gary Taubes via Twitter)

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