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4.20.13, Low Carb Diet Journal

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My morning started with three and a half cups of decaf coffee with cream.

We needed to eat some of the eggs I have been accumulating so my husband made us a couple of omelets for brunch. My omelet included two eggs, steamed broccoli, jack cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and sliced avocado. When I finished my omelet I was not as full as I was the day before, but I was satisfied.

I went through my recipes and decided to make a gluten free coffee cake since it takes nine eggs and it is the best coffee cake I have ever tasted. When I realized I needed walnuts for this recipe, I grabbed a paper grocery bag full of walnuts from my walnut tree, my nut cracker, a bag to place the shells, and a bowl to put the walnuts in. I put on a movie and proceeded to crack nuts while watching a couple of movies to take off my DVR list.

I took a break and collected another eight eggs from the chickens after I fed them. I then went into my barn and fed my rabbits. I have a few things I have to do in the rabbit pen but I decided to put them off until tomorrow. After returning to the house I cleaned the eggs and since I have so many, I will be making a few coffee cakes in order to use a bunch of them.

I decided to have some more decaf coffee while cracking nuts and watching movies and I ended up drinking another three and a half cups with cream.

Dinner was a pork chop seasoned with salt and pepper and it was fried in bacon grease. My husband also steamed some asparagus for us. I fixed my plate with a pork chop and some asparagus that I sprinkled with salt and topped with a tablespoon of mayonnaise.

My day passed without me getting any exercise done but that is okay since I am just beginning a new routine. As long as I complete three workouts a week, I will be happy.

Saturday, 4.20.13

133-1/4 lbs.

Breakfast: Coffee w/cream
Lunch: Avocado, broccoli, jack cheese, & mushroom omelet
Dinner: Pork chop, asparagus w/mayonnaise

Carbs: avocado
Protein: cheese, pork chop
Vegetables: asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms
Other: cream, mayonnaise
Beverages: coffee, water


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About me

I'm Teri and I am 54 years old. I have been fighting my weight since I was fourteen, dieting my way all the way up to 236 lbs. I started my weight loss program on March 3, 2008, and at that time I was unable to get into the largest pair of jeans I owned, size 18W. I have lost close to 100 pounds, and I now wear a size 4 jeans. My diet and exercise program have me feeling better than I could have ever imagined and I did it without starving or depriving myself in any way.

I am getting myself into better shape and my goal of becoming fit and healthy is getting closer every day.

Here's a link to my Progress Photos.

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Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program (CALP)

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Resistance/Strength Training using Bowflex, Walk Away the Pounds (WATP), & Callanetics

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