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11.24.13, Low Carb Diet Journal

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I stepped on my scale about thirty minutes earlier than I did yesterday and I am up a quarter of a pound, 140-1/4 lbs. Crazy, since I did not have dinner last night.

I enjoyed a full pot of decaf coffee and added heavy whipping cream to all four and a half cups.

Because I did not have any dinner last night, I was hungry earlier than usual. My husband started the barbecue and seasoned a New York steak for our lunch. I wanted a cabbage salad with my steak so I sliced the cabbage as thin as I could and my husband added mayonnaise, salt, pepper, & paprika to it. We split the steak and I also enjoyed the cabbage salad which I ate along with it.

My husband made me another pot of decaf coffee and I ended up drinking all of it. I drank another four and a half cups and added heavy whipping cream to all of them.

When I got hungry much later than usual, I made me a salad. My husband ate at dinner time and had some of his leftover toscano soup. My salad included romaine lettuce, avocado, bacon, celery, jack cheese, cucumber, toasted pumpkin seeds and some of our fresh homemade vinaigrette dressing that I had to make.

Sunday, 11.24.13

140-1/4 lbs.

Breakfast: Coffee w/cream
Lunch: New York steak, cabbage salad
Dinner: Salad of romaine w/avocado, bacon, celery, jack cheese, cucumber, toasted pumpkin seeds, vinaigrette dressing

Beverages: coffee, water
Carbs/Veggies: avocado, cabbage, celery, cucumber, lettuce, pumpkin seeds
Other: cream, dressing, mayonnaise
Protein: bacon, cheese, steak


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I'm stuck!

I keep thinking I'm going to see a burst of progress, and THEN I'll post about my great breakthrough. But no.
I'm stuck in the mid 170s and overall that's a pretty good thing, given the sea of Holiday food surrounding me. So far I have been able to ignore the blandishments of the commercial [and homemade] baked goods that infest the office at this time of year. I'm sure I couldn't have done that a few years ago.
For about the last 6 weeks I have been trying to keep it very low carb. I even converted from half and half to heavy cream to get rid of those carbs - while probably doubling the calories, which I don't count.
My goal is to enjoy the Holidays without losing control and get to New Years with my weight south of 175. I would consider 174.999999 a major success!
Hope all's well with you.

P.S. Last weekend I ate at the office party which was catered Chinese. The combination of gluten and MSG just about did me in. It has taken me this whole last week to get the water weight off. The arthritis flare from eating gluten wore off in 3-4 days, but it was acute and reminded me why it's definitely worthwhile to stay gluten free.


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I am getting myself into better shape and my goal of becoming fit and healthy is getting closer every day.

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