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9.18.13, Low Carb Diet Journal

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My weight is 141-1/2 lbs., up one half pound since yesterday.

I was going to drink three cups of my decaf coffee with cream but when my husband took my cup into the kitchen to get me a glass of water, he refilled my coffee cup. I thanked him and told him I would drink it and ended up drinking four cups of coffee with cream.

I have been doing a lot of reading since my weight is still hovering above 140 lbs., and I finally decided to begin lowering the amount of carbohydrates I eat each day. Since I don't want to do anything drastic, I am going to begin to limit my consumption of sugar, coconut sugar in my case, to every other day.

I have tried eating once a day and that worked out well, getting my weight down a few pounds, but I don't want to only eat once a day, everyday. Actually, after reading several Intermittent Fasting ebooks, I can't say that I am really following it since I have been drinking coffee with cream each morning and there have also been a few evenings as well.

The way of eating I want to follow is WHEN. Aaron Blaisdell's slogan: “Not IF, but WHEN (When Hunger Ensues Naturally)” may not be an official diet, but it is a way of eating that I would love to be able follow. First, I need to begin to recognize hunger instead of habit, so that is where I will begin.

My husband was up early this morning so he made himself some bacon and eggs. After he finished his meal he was in the kitchen removing some bacon from the oven when I walked in to continue the conversation we were having. He had already offered me some bacon earlier and I had declined, but when I walked in and saw it, I could not resist. Instead of eating a bunch of bacon, I put three of our leftover pork ribs into the oven to warm. I ended up eating a total of two pieces of bacon while waiting for my ribs. When they were ready, I enjoyed all three of them. Funny, when I eat a salad and vegetables before I eat protein I always seem to have room for more food, but today when I ate the two pieces of bacon and three ribs, I did not want anymore.

Dinner was a whole chicken that was seasoned with spices, smoked and slow cooked in the barbecue. I recognized hunger when the chicken was ready and I enjoyed a quarter portion which consisted of a breast and wing. I also had about a cup of cauliflower that was sitting in a tablespoon of melted butter.

Wednesday, 9.18.13

141-1/2 lbs.

Breakfast: Coffee w/cream
Lunch: Bacon, pork ribs
Dinner: Chicken breast and wing, cauliflower

Carbs: none
Protein: bacon, chicken, ribs
Vegetables: cauliflower
Other: cream
Beverages: coffee, water


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Some random comments

HI, Teri!

So sorry to hear of your back troubles. I've had that type of thing happen a few times in my life, and it's just miserable. Sounds like Mother Nature is taking her usual course and in the slow but natural way that these things usually do, so hopefully you'll be back to 100% in a few more days.

This morning I got to see a new number on my scales - 171.6. Very very slow, but definitely happening. I probably want to see the 160s as bad as you want to see the 130s!

I've taken a page from your book, and went shopping at a large thrift store in the area. [This is just one of the things I've learned from you.] My wardrobe was in rather dire condition, since I don't enjoy buying large sizes for myself and I rarely have time to go shopping anyway, I let everything get into a pretty run-down state. I have also made the effort to go out to some clearance sales at the nicer department stores around here, and it's really amazing what you can pick up. I mean, when a brand-new article of clothing that fits and looks good on you is marked down to $7, it would be just wrong to go home without it, right? :-)

So this afternoon I had the pleasure of trying on a very nice pair of navy blue slacks - size 14 - and putting them back on the rack because they were just way, way too big. I think [hope] my days of needing a 14s are permanently over.

I've been very interested in following your love affair with the coffee pot. I can totally relate. I used to admire you so when you'd post - "I had my two cups of black coffee and then started drinking my water for the day." I never could learn to drink mine black. I was dismayed that the Hellers said if you don't drink it black, limit your consumption to 15 minutes once per day. I have tried to comply, at least to the degree that I don't keep drinking coffee with cream throughout the day, like it was water. But I don't stint myself in the morning. I brew as many shots of espresso as I want, and splash it liberally with half and half. But when I'm finished, I'm finished. I don't keep sipping all morning.

Which by the way, are you using heavy cream? or Half and half? or something else?


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Response to Random Comments

So very nice to hear from you! Whenever I see a post from you it always puts a smile on my face.

My back is finally better, thank you. As a matter of fact, I am going to be working in my barn today so I will be testing it out. As long as I don't move wrong and cause the pain (sciatica), I can usually sleep off any back pain caused by "doing too much". I always seem to forget how old I am, but my body does not.

Congratulations on your progress. When I was actively losing weight I wanted to ignore the scale. I did too, until my curiosity got the best of me. All it took was my clothes becoming too big, and I was on it. Now I step on it every day, or most of them, hoping for a loss. Sure, weight loss is slow, but we are eating the foods we choose each day without depriving ourselves of anything. I look back and see how much weight I actually lost, and the time was worth it!

I still love thrift stores but I really don't need anymore clothes. The one thing about maintaining my weight is that I have acquired quite a bit of clothes the last three years and they all still fit. I agree, new clothes at thrift store prices can never be left behind! Isn't it rewarding to be trying on clothes in sizes that are now too big?

As you can probably tell by now, I am customizing my program. I drank black coffee for many years, until I recognized that it was the cause of my horrible hot flashes. I quit drinking it for awhile and I missed it so much that I took a drink from my husband's cup and found that I liked the taste of heavy whipping cream added to coffee. The following day I tried to drink it black but found out that I did not like it and I had lost the taste for black coffee. I am now drinking decaf coffee with about two teaspoons of heavy whipping cream per cup. I drink it fairly quickly but I always consume more than one cup each day and, except for my first cup, they are never consumed within the fifteen minute time frame suggested in the book.

Take care,


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