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5.27.13, Low Carb Diet Journal

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I woke up and had two cups of decaf coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil in each cup. This is new to me but I really want to quit drinking cream in my coffee. I like the aroma and taste of coconut oil and unlike my coffee with added cream, I don't desire more than two cups.

My lunch was right on track with a piece of leftover tri tip and a cabbage salad. My salad was made with thin sliced cabbage and a tablespoon of mayonnaise. There was a lemon sitting on the counter so I put a squirt on my salad before adding salt and pepper. I went into my freezer and took out some of my homemade coconut flour brownies and I warmed them up for my dessert. They were delicious and I will be having them as my carb for the next few days. As a matter of fact, I still have a bunch of eggs in my refrigerator so I hope to make another batch soon.

When I finished my meal, I was comfortable. I was pleased with myself for putting a reasonable amount of tri tip to warm in the toaster oven and making my two cups of cabbage salad. My meal does not sound like it was balanced since I had more salad than meat, but I am supposed to have a salad or twice the amount of vegetables with this meal, so it really was a perfect balance. After warming the brownies, I did my best to balance the amount I ate to the same amount of protein. I was so satisfied with this meal that I came to the conclusion that losing weight is as easy as enjoying the foods that I want and eating them the way that I am supposed to. No more worrying about eating the right amount of fats, carbohydrates, micronutrients, macronutrients, protein, and calories that I am supposed to.

My food choices have become healthier since I am choosing to include fresh, whole foods. I have become my own experiment and even began avoiding some foods so I could understand how they affected me when I reintroduced them back into my program. I am happy with some of my changes and there are now certain food groups that I choose to avoid most of the time. Within the last few months I tried watching my calories and lost ten pounds. Recently with my splurges, I gained most of them back which led me to begin watching my calories again. No more! I feel like I am a slave to food and I don't like it. I am still happy with my progress. I am not outgrowing any of my clothes and I am much smaller than I thought I would ever be. So as far as I am concerned, I am still doing well.

This program has always worked well for me because the three simple guidelines have always been easy for me to follow. Instead of sticking to the guidelines, I allowed the knowledge that I gained from other programs to alter my plan. I tried to fit these new ways of eating into my program and will admit that I have learned a lot. Even though I am including healthier foods in my diet, I began bending the rules of my program by not balancing my meals. I didn't go crazy with carbohydrates but I did begin to eat more protein and vegetables and less carbohydrates. I don't know if that is the reason that I began making bad decisions but I do know that I never made them when I was balancing my meals and eating the foods that I wanted and desired.

My new logic is...if I am not restricting any foods that I want, there is no way that I will go hog wild when I eat them. If I happen to overeat one day, as long as I am following the guidelines of my program, I am doing nothing wrong. When the scale pops up, as long as I continue to follow the rules, it will drop right back down. I don't know why I had to complicate things, because it really is that simple for me!

Dinner was a reasonable amount of leftover tri tip and a three stalks of celery stuffed with cream cheese. This was the fourth time in two days that I have eaten the tri tip and since there is plenty left, I plan on having it again for lunch tomorrow.

Monday, 5.27.13

138 lbs.

Breakfast: Coffee w/coconut oil
Lunch: Cabbage salad, tri tip, brownies
Dinner: Tri tip, celery w/cream cheese

Carbs: brownies
Protein: tri tip
Vegetables: cabbage, celery
Other: coconut oil, cream cheese
Beverages: coffee, water


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