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Are zero carbs for induction safe?

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Hi, I had tried Atkins and other low carb diets in the past with varying degrees of success but the only way that I seem to be able to kick start my body into losing weight is to go down to zero carbs with a high protein/high fat diet. I lost weight doing this three or four years ago (I actually lost 60lbs total) And I know that people will gasp here... but I do it by eating cheeseburgers, just the patties with cheese and mayo, sometimes bacon as well. I actually intentionally went off of my diet for a while and gained weight so that I could test this out. I lost 20lbs in the last two weeks by eating like this, so I seem to have confirmed that it works.
This does indeed work for me and I do lose weight fast (in the beginning anyway)! I also notice that when I go down to zero or at least nearly zero carbs that my hunger diminishes greatly. Is this common? And is having zero carbs safe?
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Hm.. I don't know the answer to that question

I've never researched issues related to zero-carb safety.

And, I'll remind you of our standard disclaimer: We don't provide health- or medical-related advice, so you should discuss any health concerns with a trusted medical professional.

A quick google search turns up this post on regarding zero carb intake. I'll read up on it soon and comment, but you might find the answers there long before I get around to it.

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Good article.

Thank you, that was a good article, I look forward to hearing if the author finds any more information.

I was more curious to know, not for my own health as I have done this no carb for over a year at a stretch in the past with no issues, but rather I wanted to make certain that I wasn't giving out bad advice based upon my own experiences. I realize that everyone's body is different.

Once I get down close to my target weight I start adding back in the normal burger toppings (i.e. lettuce onion, pickle, tomato) then salads and finally once my weight has stabilized I add in whole grain high fiber bread for the buns.

Thanks again for replying!

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