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Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program (CALP)

The Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program (CALP) was created by Drs. Richard & Rachael Heller as a way to help people overcome 'carbohydrate addiction'. It differs from Atkins-style low-carb dieting because the diet allows controlled carbohydrate portions and balanced eating, and thus makes it easier to stay on the diet long-term. For more info visit Teri's Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program book review.
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Children, Buffets, and Weight Gain

I had my third and last child when I was 30 years old. My oldest daughter was 5 years old, my second daughter was 14-1/2 months old, and my youngest son was born two months before my 31st birthday. After the birth of my third child I attempted to lose weight again. The only way I knew how to do it was to eat low fat, so I did. I had the same problem with low fat dieting as I did before and I was always hungry. I stuck to the plan long enough to lose some weight but since it was too difficult for me to do long term, I began the yo-yo dieting again. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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Support Groups

When I began this way of eating, I did a search on the Internet for support groups that I could become involved with. I joined three support groups and the first group I joined can be found at CAD/CALP is listed in the Other Plans category under Carbohydrate Addict's. I decided to read and get to know some of the active members of the group and discovered it was a very active group and most of them were following CAD.

The second group I joined was I joined the CAD/CALP group that was listed in the Active Low-Carber Forums under Daily Low-Carb Support. I decided to read and get to know some of the active members of the group and discovered that it was a very small group. I noticed that the few active members balanced their meals like I did, and I was very excited to join. I introduced myself to the group and became an active member on March 18, 2008. I used to post my menu on a daily basis but only check in when I have the time now.

The third group I joined was I was really excited when I found this group because the main page had a picture of the plan I was following. Again I decided to read some old posts in order to get to know everyone. I discovered that there are several members but most of them are not very active. I joined this group on April 11, 2008 and check in when I have the time.

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Meal Planning and Options

My preference is to eat two meals a day, reserving my Reward Meal (RM) for dinner. I have found that eating an equal amount of vegetables and protein for a late breakfast or lunch keeps me satisfied for hours. A couple of times when I was away from home, I chose to skip my Complementary Meal (CM) because I did not have access to both vegetables and protein. Of course when I returned home I was hungry, and since it was dinner time, I had a very satisfying RM. I do not like to be hungry and it only took me a couple of times to learn to plan ahead. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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I've Only Just Begun (Again)

I began the Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program, also known as CALP, on March 3, 2008. I read the book several years ago and was successful in losing about 50 lbs. the first time I tried it. I find it an easy program to follow and failed the first time because I was looking for a quick fix to my weight problem. I weighed myself everyday and when I did not see the scale move, I decided to change to Atkins. I believe I was able to get the scale to drop a few pounds but was unable to continue the Atkins Diet because I was missing the foods I could not live without.

I re-read the book in March and was ready to begin CALP for the second time. I had not weighed myself in a couple of years and chose not to get on a scale because I did not want to become obsessed with it. I took my measurements five days after I began CALP so I would have some sort of record to track my progress. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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Teri Before Photo March 1, 2008

Here is a photo of me taken on March 1, 2008 at around 236 lbs. and I started the Carbohydrate Addict's LifeSpan Program two days later!

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