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Quick Low-Carb Chicken and Vegetable Soup

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This is one of my favorite quick soup recipes. You can make this a straight vegetable soup by omitting the grilled chicken, and you can make it straight vegetarian by substituting vegetable broth.

This recipe feeds at least two. You can multiply the recipe to feed more people. I make this recipe in two stages. You can do prep on the next stage's ingredients while the current stage is simmering.


Stage 1:

  • Two chicken breasts
  • 2 15 oz cans chicken broth (we like Swanson) or vegetable broth. You can use homemade stock if you have any on hand
  • Bay leaf
  • 2 tbs dry or fresh parsley finely chopped (to taste)
  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed or finely chopped
  • (Optional) several whole black peppercorns (sparingly, to taste)

Stage 2:

  • 1 large zucchini, cut in medium size chunks
  • Handful of green beans, cut into short lengths - frozen is OK, but quality is important
  • (Optional) Small soup pasta (peso netto, alphabet, or what have you - I often mix a variety of pasta). Use sparingly - a heaping tablespoon or two is enough, too much and the pasta absorbs all the broth. You should adjust to your taste and desired texture. Omit for low-carb diets


  1. Season chicken breasts with fresh ground pepper and salt to taste, then grill on both sides on medium-high heat until just cooked through. Cool for a few minutes then slice into small cubes
  2. In a large saucepan, bring broth or stock to a boil. Add chicken, parsley, bay leaf, garlic, peppercorns (if desired). Reduce heat to low and simmer about 20 minutes
  3. Add zucchini, green beans, and pasta. Increase heat to bring back to a low boil, then simmer about 10 minutes or until vegetables are tender

Ok, it's ready! Serve and enjoy.

Variations/modifications: Substitute finely chopped celery in stage 1 for the zucchini in step 2.

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