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2.25.11, Low Carb Diet Journal

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I spent the night at my folks house and made myself a cup of Lipton tea as soon as I made it into the kitchen. My mom had quite a few things that she needed me to do for her so I got started while my first cup of tea cooled. I was able to drink my second cup before we had to leave to run a couple of errands. We were going to meet my dad for a late breakfast and we left early enough to get our shopping done before we were to meet him.

We met at the same restaurant that we had dined the night before and I was looking forward to their breakfast because I had already enjoyed a couple of breakfasts from there. I really wanted to eat my burrito for lunch but breakfast sounded good and I knew that I could always take my burrito home with me. Whenever I order eggs over medium, I like to eat them with ketchup. Since I was at a Mexican restaurant and there was salsa on the table, I decided to order two eggs over medium, linguica, and french toast. I added some salsa to my eggs but they were not as good as the ketchup would have been. The only reason I did not add ketchup to my eggs was because I felt I would be having plenty of carbohydrates with the french toast and syrup. I was served half of a linguisa and two pieces of french toast but I gave one to my dad because I felt that one would be enough for me. I added butter and syrup to my french toast and even though there were no vegetables, I had no problem enjoying another one of my Reward Meals.

I stopped at the store on my way home and when I did arrive, I was too tired to get my workout done. I did not have any problem postponing my WATP workout and now that I am rotating my workouts instead of doing them on a specific day, I find that it will work out better for me.

It was not too hard for me to justify eating my breakfast without any vegetables that morning because I planned to have a nice salad with my leftover peppercorn New York steak for my dinner. I was tied up on the telephone when my husband warmed up my steak. I did not get a chance to get my salad started before my steak was ready and I devoured the entire thing. I needed to eat a salad so I began with two cups of romaine lettuce, two stalks of celery, half of a cucumber, one piece of chopped bacon, and a small amount of cheddar-jack cheese. I added the last of our homemade ranch dressing to it and finished another one of my delicious Complementary Meals.

Thursday, 2.24.11


CM: 2 cups of tea
RM: Eggs w/salsa, linguisa, and french toast w/butter & syrup
CM: Salad of romaine w/bacon, celery, cheese, cucumber, & ranch and Peppercorn New York steak

80 oz.

Day off!

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