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10.03.09, Low Carb Diet Journal

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Friday, 10.02.09

CM: 2 cups of black coffee
CM: Pork chop and cucumber
RM: (Restaurant) Salad w/cheese, olives, tomatoes, & ranch, chicken fajitas w/bell pepper, onions, & guacamole, cucumber, and flour tortilla chips w/salsa

96 oz.

Option #1
GTF Chromium

Option #2
Bowflex, 20 Minute Better Body Workout, 2 sets
120# Bench Press
120# Seated Lat Rows
120# Crossover Rear Deltoid Rows
120# Biceps Curl
120# Triceps Pushdown
120# Leg Extension
120# Standing Low Back Extension
150# Seated Abdominal Crunch

Daily Weight

I had to get started with a new routine since I want to weigh myself as soon as I get up in the mornings. After using the bathroom, I stepped on the scale and was happy to see that I had lost three quarters of a pound since the day before. According to the scale, I am still heavier than I was at the beginning of last month by a pound and a half.

My husband ended up taking the day off so we were able to discuss what we were going to have for dinner before we even had lunch. Because we were planning on going out to dinner rather early, I warmed up the pork chop that I had in the refrigerator and peeled myself a cucumber.

We were able to get our bowflex workouts done even though we did not get them done first thing in the morning like I had planned. We were able to get started in the afternoon and I was extremely thankful that it was nowhere near as hard as it was the last time I did it.

Our plan was to go to the feed store and get rabbit feed before we stopped for dinner. I decided I really wanted to soak in the tub after my workout so that is what I did. By the time I got out of the tub, I knew I would not have enough time to make it to the feed store, so I didn't bother trying. I knew the feed store would be open all day the following day so I could get the rabbit food then.

We planned on going to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and because I knew what I was planning on ordering, I had to take a vegetable with me. I peeled a cucumber and chopped it up so I could place it into a baggie and take it with me. When we got to the restaurant there was a sign on the door stating that they were closed. Apparently their power was off so they were unable to cook any food.

Since I had already planned on having Mexican food, we went to another Mexican restaurant. This particular restaurant serves both flour and corn tortilla chips. I never have any problems leaving the corn tortilla chips but I really like the flour ones. I began eating the flour tortilla chips and salsa and ordered a side salad and chicken fajitas, thinking I would be getting my vegetables after all.

When my dinner arrived, I was surprised to see that there were mostly onions and the tiniest bit of bell peppers. Since I wanted to be careful to balance my meal, I reached into my purse and grabbed my cucumbers. I ended up eating the cucumbers first and then I started on the chicken. I decided to skip the tortillas since I had already eaten plenty of chips. I ended up adding the guacamole to my chicken because I really like it and wanted to enjoy it as a part of my meal. I was satisfied after completing my meal and when we left the restaurant, I felt confident that I balanced it perfectly.

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About me

I'm Teri and I am 54 years old. I have been fighting my weight since I was fourteen, dieting my way all the way up to 236 lbs. I started my weight loss program on March 3, 2008, and at that time I was unable to get into the largest pair of jeans I owned, size 18W. I have lost close to 100 pounds, and I now wear a size 4 jeans. My diet and exercise program have me feeling better than I could have ever imagined and I did it without starving or depriving myself in any way.

I am getting myself into better shape and my goal of becoming fit and healthy is getting closer every day.

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Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program (CALP)

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Resistance/Strength Training using Bowflex, Walk Away the Pounds (WATP), & Callanetics

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