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Maybe Becoming Overweight Helped

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I was a small child, a small teenager, and a small young adult. I had a horrible diet...mostly because I didn't know any better and neither did my parents. I didn't start gaining weight until I was about 26. Looking back I think that if I had never become fat I would never have cared about what I was eating. I would never have read a book about low-carbing. I would never have discovered how healthy a low-carb diet is (even for thin people).

So, maybe being overweight helped me discover what the human body really needs: healthy fats, protein, nutrients from veggies, and exercise. Maybe I would have never been able to see desserts as special occasion treats instead of everyday foods. Maybe I would never have started reading labels and realizing how many unnatural things manufacturers use.

I'm not glad to be fat, but I am glad that I found my way to the truth about health.

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