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My CALP Experience - 1st Month 26th day

i have a confession to make. yesterday morning started off pretty well. had 2 eggs and water for breakfast and planned to have coleslaw, fried chicken and a slice of apple pie for my lunch reward meal. but things didn't go as planned!

sent son for class at 12noon and was supposed to be back in the office by 1, have lunch between 1.15 to 2 then attend a meeting at 2.30. managed to reach office only 2pm only and was dying for lunch so decided to have my reward meal anyway.

planned menu of coleslaw, fried chicken and a slice of apple pie flew out of the window and ate whatever was available at the office cafe. Practically inhaled 1 bowl of curry mee ( too much mee with bits and pieces of chicken and veggie only) and 1 tuna sandwich with mayo and slices of cucumber and tomato. also had 1 glass of iced lemon tea.

went upstair to office but was still unsatisfied with meal ( probably because menu didnt go as planned!!) - so had 2 pc peanut butter cookies to satify my sugar craving.

Was not very happy with myself because gave in to such unbalanced meal.. but thought to myself,what the heck, what is done is done, just move on rose...

went for meeting at 2.30 and discovered to my dismay that host had prepared 3 slices of cakes plus cofee each for attendee... agghhh.. help!! i know i was not supposed to touch them bacause already had too much carbo for lunch... but, you guessed it... i polished off the 3 slices anyway!!!

So that's my carbo binge story for yesterday. The only good thing about all that was i didnt exceed the 1 hour limit!

Today, am supposed to meet an old friend for lunch. She wants to have dim sum. I promised myself i will do better today and order at least 1 plate of vege to go with our meal to balance things out. We'll see what happens later...

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