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Grain Free Scale Results After 14 Days!

The last day that I included grains in my diet was on 6/10/11. I have made CALP my way of eating the last three years by including the foods I love and staying within the guidelines of the program. This is the easiest program I have ever followed and I know, with time, the rest of my excess weight will disappear.

I am more active and I feel great since I began taking my health seriously. I am in control of my diet and my goal is getting closer everyday. Exercise has become an important part of my life and getting myself fit and healthy continues to be my goal.

06/11/11...146.50, day 1, weigh in.

06/12/11...146.00, day 2, lost .50 lb., down .50 pound.

06/13/11...145.50, day 3, lost .50 lb., down 1 pound.

06/14/11...144.75, day 4, lost .75 lb., down 1.75 pounds.

06/15/11...144.50, day 5, lost .25 lb., down 2 pounds.

06/16/11...144.00, day 6, lost .50 lb., down 2.50 pounds.

06/17/11...143.00, day 7, lost 1.0 lb., down 3.50 pounds.

06/18/11...143.00, day 8, same, down 3.50 pounds.

06/19/11...144.00, day 9, gain 1.0 lb., down 2.50 pounds.

06/20/11...143.50, day 10, lost .50., down 3 pounds.

06/21/11...143.50, day 11, same, down 3 pounds.

06/22/11...142.00, day 12, lost 1.50, down 4.50 pounds.

06/23/11...142.00, day 13, same, down 4.50 pounds.

06/24/11...142.00, day 14, same, down 4.50 pounds!

Since I did not get a chance to post my update when I completed the first two weeks, here are the latest results I have.

06/25/11...141.00, day 15, lost 1.0 lb., down 5.50 pounds.

06/26/11...142.00, day 16, gain 1.0 lb., down 4.50 pounds.

06/27/11...142.50, day 17, gain .50 lb., down 4 pounds.

Still not missing grains at all!

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Grain Free Scale Results After 7 Days!

I began an experiment beginning on the 11th of June. A friend of ours mentioned to my husband that he lost weight by cutting grains from his diet. I have been trying to introduce other carbohydrates into my diet besides chocolate, and I didn't realize that every carbohydrate that I like to eat besides avocados, chocolate, fruit, and nuts, contain flour.

I was really excited to begin eliminating grains in my diet because I hope to find out how certain foods affect me. I want to know why my scale has been bouncing around so much lately and going without grains for thirty days sounded like the easiest experiment I could try.

Six days after going grain free, I ate lunch at an all you can eat pizza parlor with a group of six of us. My intention was to eat from the salad bar, hoping I could get enough protein. I had already mentioned to some of the group that I had gone grain free and since I had no problem going to the pizza parlor, one of the women asked me if I was going to eat the toppings off of the pizza. I didn't think of that and once she mentioned it, I knew I could get enough protein, not missing the bread at all.

I continue to follow the guidelines of CALP and I have lost weight every single day since going grain free. I have noticed since I have given up grains that I am not as hungry during mealtimes which has lead me to eat less. Is it coincidence, or do grains...flour in my case, affect me negatively. Only time will tell!

6.11.11 - 146-1/2 lbs.

6.12.11 - 146 lbs., lost 1/2 lb.

6.13.11 - 145-1/2 lbs., lost 1/2 lb., down 1 lb.

6.14.11 – 144-3/4 lbs., lost 3/4 lb., down 1-3/4 lbs.

6.15.11 - 144-1/2 lbs., lost 1/4 lbs., down 2 lbs.

6.16.11 - 144 lbs., lost 1/2 lb., down 2-1/5 lbs.

6.17.11 - 143 lbs., lost 1 lb., down 3-1/2 lbs.

Positive results so far!

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Grain Free Scale Results After 3 Days!

My weight began creeping up over twenty nine years ago, despite dieting. Looking back over the years, it seems like I was always on a diet. My willpower was good for awhile and then all was lost.

Three years after beginning this program, I am smaller than I ever could have imagined. I wanted to do it my way and never deprive myself of the foods that I wanted. I love the way that I eat while following CALP and accepted it as my lifelong way of eating right from the beginning.

I am very confident with my ability to follow this program and I am eating healthier by following it. I have noticed that I am the same weight as I was three months ago, even though I have seen lower numbers on my daily weigh ins, and I am conducting an experiment to see if eliminating grains may have an affect on my weight.

Here are my results so far:

6/11 – 146-1/2 lbs.

6/12 – 146 lbs., down 1/2 lb.

6/13 – 145-1/2 lbs., down another 1/2 lb.

So far, so good!

I still have a love, hate, relationship with the scale but I am working on it. I look in the mirror and see the last ten or twenty pounds I have left on my body, but I do not want to see the same ten or twenty pounds reflected on the scale. The bottom line is that I am becoming slim, fit and healthy, which has always been my ultimate goal!

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Summer Wardrobe

I have always considered shopping for clothes too big of an effort since I never liked the way that I looked in anything. On my way to smaller clothes, I discovered thrift stores as a place for me to shop since I did not plan on staying in the same size clothes for very long. As soon as the clothes became too big, I donated them right back, getting more designer clothes that are not available at my local Walmart or Kmart.

Now that I am smaller, shopping is a lot more enjoyable. My upper body went from a size XXL to a S, and the largest pair of pants that I ever owned were a size18W, which I outgrew three months before beginning this program.

I am now a size 6 and when I was at Walmart, I picked up a couple pair of Bermuda shorts for $12 each. When I tried them on at home, I liked them so well that I used them as a pattern and cut a pair of my jeans to match. My shorts look just as good as the ones I bought so I will have several pair of Bermuda shorts this summer by picking up $3 or $4 jeans at the thrift stores and making my own.

I am allowing myself to buy new clothes for my upper body because I can get into a small now. Some are a little tighter around the back/breast area, but they are not anything that I can not wear right now. Between the tank tops and camp shirts, I believe I am set for the summer.

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Grain Free for 30 Days!

I have been following the Carbohydrate Addict's LifeSpan Program for the last three years and I have lost around 90 lbs. I feel as if I am in complete control over my food choices so I am at the point where I am curious to see how some of the foods that I choose to eat may be affecting me.

I just celebrated my 52nd birthday and I will admit that when I began this program, menopause had already become a part of my life. My hot flashes are getting worse and since the doctor confirmed last year that I am at the end of menopause, I am wondering if it is something that I am eating. I stopped drinking coffee after drinking it for over thirty years and I have been avoiding tea, blaming the caffeine in both of them for my flashes. I have been taking Estroven hoping to alleviate the severity of my problem, but they don't seem to be helping.

My husband and I were discussing my weight loss, or more precisely, my progress chart. The fact is that I have been losing weight at a nice, steady, pace, keeping my weight under the trend line, and since I deliberately began eating more grains, I have noticed that I have been hovering above the line instead of under. Since I believe that grains may have an effect on my diet and my hot flashes, I am going to be eliminating them for awhile.

On June 11, 2011, my weigh in was 146-1/2 lbs., and it was the first day that I eliminated grains from my diet. My plan is to avoid them for 30 days and see how it will affect me. I am so happy that I have never had a carbohydrate addiction to grain based carbohydrates because eliminating them will not be a problem for me. I am looking forward to my experiment and will continue to weigh myself daily.

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Teri's Before and After Photos

Update 10/28/2011 - LATEST PROGRESS PHOTOS

You can see Teri's latest progress photos here.

I have already posted before and after photos, but I posted them on two separate blog entries.

Since my after photos are still in the making, I will be keeping this blog entry current with my new photos every once in awhile!

More before the diet and current photos at Pictures current 9/19/10 and Pictures - before plus two more.

Update 10/28/2011 - Current progress photo added

See below.

progress, before,  picture, photo, results
Photo of woman who lost 90+ pounds on a low carb diet
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3.16.11, Low Carb Diet Journal

I am getting used to the green tea in the mornings and it is working out well. My five mile WATP workout was scheduled and it is the longest workout that is in my rotation. Every single one of the miles end with two minutes of boosted walking and it always gets my heart pumping.

Hot links were on our menu for lunch. I started our salads and added two cups of romaine lettuce, one slice of chopped bacon, two stalks of chopped celery, a small amount of shredded cheddar-jack cheese, a third of a chopped cucumber, and three tablespoons of our homemade ranch dressing to mine. I added some hot links in a pan to boil and then I defrosted and steamed the hot dog buns. After I finished my salad, I decided I did not want my hot link on a bun and I ate it with a little mustard. I grabbed two dark chocolate almond clusters for the carbohydrate portion of my meal and still can not believe just how good they taste.

Our dinner was a tri tip roast and some asparagus. My husband seasoned the roast and grilled it on the barbecue while I cut the bottoms off of the asparagus spears I added them to a steamer basket that was placed in a pan of salt water and when it was time to steam them, I drained the water. The tri tip roast was grilled to perfection and the asparagus were served with our homemade mayonnaise.

Tuesday, 3.15.11

147 lbs.

CM: 2 cups of green tea
RM: Salad of romaine w/bacon, celery, cheese, cucumber, & ranch, hot link, and dark chocolate almond clusters
CM: Tri tip and asparagus w/mayo

80 oz.

Leslie Sansone Walk at Home
5 Mile Fat Burning Walk
Five 12 minute miles plus Cool Down and Stretch - 65 minutes
I completed all 5 miles!
2010: 542 miles!
2011: 78 miles!
March: 27 miles!

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3.07.11, Low Carb Diet Journal

My husband made us a pot of oolong tea which I thoroughly enjoyed and I was able to drink two cups before I got started on our Bowflex workout. I was able to get some of my Callanetics workout done whenever it was not my turn on the Bowflex but I still had over half of my Callanetics workout left to do when we finished. Since it was close to lunch time and I was hungry, I put off the remainder of my Callanetics workout until later. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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The Good Food Diet

I absolutely love CALP and what it has done for me. I have no doubt that I am a carbohydrate addict and I actually enjoy this way of eating. My biggest problem is that I love food, all food, including sweets. I have been in control of my diet for the last three years and have lost an incredible amount of weight. I have managed to get myself in great physical shape and I really like the way my exercise program makes me feel. I have been establishing habits that are beneficial to my health and I will never have to deprive myself of any food that I want ever again. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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How I Follow CALP

I am a 'carbohydrate addict'. I love bread, bagels, brownies, cake, candy, chocolate, cookies, ice cream, pasta, potatoes, rice, and have been struggling with my weight because of my love of carbohydrates for most of my life. My cravings made it nearly impossible to control my eating habits, and as a result, after many years and many failed diets, in 2008, at the age of 48 I was very much overweight and unhappy.

I had learned about The Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program (CALP) about 8 years before when my husband showed me the book. We bought the book and while I was driving, he read sections of it to me on our way home. When he read the questionnaire that was included in the book, I remember saying: “Yep, that's me.” to just about every one.

I had some initial success with the first time that I followed CALP, but for a variety of reasons, I strayed from the program (see my background story for more details). As a result of not sticking to the program, I regained all of the weight I had lost, and then some. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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