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Teri's weight loss results chart

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Teri's weight loss chart as of March, 2013

The green star indicates the month I started Callanetics. The red diamond marker indicates the month I stopped taking GTF chromium supplements.

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support groups

You mentioned in your blog that you are on a few different support groups for this way of life. I recently restarted CALP and am on my second week. I joined myCAfriends yahoo group, but that is not very active right now. Will you share what other support groups are out there. I would really like to find an active group to join as I travel down this road.

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Support Groups


Here are the other groups that I frequent. As with all groups, sometimes they are busier than others!

I hope you find what you are looking for and I look forward to taking this journey with you!

Love the chart!

Great chart, Teri! As has been said elsewhere, a picture really is worth a thousand words! True of your photos and true of this graphic representation of your weight loss journey. What made you think of running a linear regression and did you do it with spot weights as your data points, or weekly average, or what? (if I may ask) The regression curve really does tell it all, doesn't it? I have not seen this tool used before to show the true long-term trend, but then I don't get out and about the internet much :-)




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Linear Regression

Hi, Mago, DH (Mike) here... I'm the one who generated the chart -- I am still trying to get Teri to start using spreadsheets, she's more comfy with her word processors. :D

Regarding the linear regression, well, I'm a geek. I was playing around with trend line options in OpenOffice Calc and wanted to show Teri what her long-term trend line looked like, because she was experiencing some short-term spikes on the scale. The line is based on the monthly weight readings; we're not doing any intermediate averaging.

~ ~ ~

The trend line is a great visualization for obvious reasons if you are losing weight over the long term.

I added weight change deltas (in percent of total weight, and absolute weight) so we could see if she's experiencing anything really unusual month-to-month. As you can see, she has had a few spikes up and down, and her average absolute weight loss per month is slowing, which is to be expected, I think, since she's nearing her goal. Her average weight loss since starting the diet, up to 3/1/2011 is about 1.09 lbs. a month.

Wait a minute

no grains=no tortilla chips?



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You betcha. No grains. Glutens, actually.

Teri's staying away from all sources of gluten, primarily. She's focused on wheat (flour, breads, etc).

If you want to read more about Teri's grain-free experiment, here are the relevant articles:

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Grain free today & tomorrow!

No tortilla chips today or tomorrow, but they will compliment the super burrito I plan on having when my experiment is over.

In all honesty, tomorrow will be the last day that I will have access to my scale for a few days so I will be weighing myself a day early with my 29 day results. If I make it home before I decide to eat the burrito, I will have those results too!

Your grain-free experiment

Teri, I have followed your grain-free experiment with great interest and I'd say it was a definite success. Yes, the scales have bounced a pound or two in the past few days, but I know you're too experienced and dedicated to worry about that! Overall your gluten free exercise has moved you down about 5 pounds or so, if you did the weekly average thing...I'm not sure exactly, but about that. Anyway, it was an inspiration to me, and I have not found it much problem to eliminate most, if not all, gluten from my diet, at least for now. We'll see what it does for me!




Are you continuing to eat

Are you continuing to eat gluten free since your experiment?

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Gluten free?

Teri ended the experiment after the month was over. I'm sure she'll chime in here this morning.

I need to update her progress chart...

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Going grain free again!

My grain free experiment was for a one month period and I have been thinking about doing it again since I liked the results so much. When I decide I am ready to go grain free again, it will be temporary just like the first time.

I love CALP because I am free to eat anything that I want or desire within the guidelines. Going grain free seems to speed up the weight loss for me but it also limits my choices which has always been important to me.

At this point, I am very happy with the way that I look and feel so going grain free is not something that I really need to do. It may take me another year before I get the last ten to twenty pounds off of me but I know that they will disappear as long as I follow my program.


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