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Happy New Year, 2013!

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Happy New Year!!!

Began CALP on 3.03.08
Began Exercising on 4.14.08
Beginning Weight: Approximately 236 lbs.
Beginning Clothing Sizes: Top- size XXL, Bottom - size 20W
Began Eating Wheat and Gluten Free on 10.27.11

Present Weight: 133-1/2 lbs. - Goal Weight: 125 lbs.
Present Clothing Sizes: Top - sizes S & M, Bottom - size 4
Present BMI: 23.74 – Goal BMI: 22.1

Weight Loss Results:

2008: 3.04-N/A, 4.01-N/A, 5.06-218, 5.27-213.25, 6.27-209, 7.22-205, 8.03-203, 9.03-200, 10.04-196, 11.03-194, 12.02-188 – Lost 30+ lbs.

2009: 1.03-187.5, 2.02 & 3.02-183.5, 4.01-185, 5.02-182.5, 6.04-180.25, 7.01-176.5, 8.02-176, 9.02-173, 10.01-173.5, 11.04-175.25, 12.01-170 – Lost 17.5 lbs.

2010: 1.01-164, 2.07-165, 3.02-162, 4.01-161.5, 5.01-160, 6.01-157, 7.01-158, 8.01-156, 9.10-154, 10.01-154, 11.01-158, 12.01-155 – Lost 9 lbs.

2011: 1.01-150, 2.01-146, 3.01.148, 4.01-146, 5.01-144, 6.01-146, 7.03-139.75, 8.01-139, 9.03-139, 10.01-140, 11.01-139, 12.01-140, 12.31-139.5 – Lost 10.5 lbs.

2012: 1.07-140, 2.02-140, 3.01-141, 4.04-143, 5.01-141, 6.01-141, 7.01-143, 8.01-145.5, 9.01-142, 10.01-139.5, 11.01-140, 12.01-139, 12.31-134 - Lost 6 lbs.

With this being the beginning of a new year, I thought I would publish my stats. Looking back, I am extremely happy that I began to find my way to a healthier me. I was three months away from my 49th birthday and I was ready to try and get my weight off once again. I was unable to get into the largest pair of jeans I owned and I was too stubborn to go out and buy a bigger size. Size 18W was the largest pair of pants I ever bought for myself and at 5'3” and around 236 lbs., I could not get them zipped. First it was disgust with myself and then I made it a health issue. The fact was, my 50th birthday was closer than I wanted to admit and I needed to get myself in better health if I wanted my future to include an active life.

My entire life, I never gave up my battle of the bulge, and that is why I became so good at yo-yo dieting. Unfortunately, my yo-yo dieting always created a bigger me, making me heavier and heavier. I was on the carbohydrate train and the only way for me to get my weight off was to learn how to limit how many I ate.

When I started CALP, I was not willing to give up anything. As far as I knew, every time I gave up my favorite foods, I would eventually give in and have them, always resuming my old way of eating. I needed to find a way that I could include every food item that I would ever want to eat and still lose weight. I never thought I would find anything that easy for me to follow, but I did. What happened was, the guidelines of CALP limited the amount of carbohydrates I could eat in a given day and the majority of the time I chose chocolate over wheat. I did not avoid any foods, I lost weight eating bread, candy, cookies, pizza, tortillas, and other foods made with flour the first four years of following this eating program and often wonder why CALP is not more popular.

I hope to get myself back into a regular exercise schedule and will continue to live my life. I am nearing the end of my fifth year of following my program and if all goes as planned, I may even reach what I hope will be my ideal weight by then.

Well wishes to you all!

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About LowCarbForLife

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About me

I'm Teri and I am 54 years old. I have been fighting my weight since I was fourteen, dieting my way all the way up to 236 lbs. I started my weight loss program on March 3, 2008, and at that time I was unable to get into the largest pair of jeans I owned, size 18W. I have lost close to 100 pounds, and I now wear a size 4 jeans. My diet and exercise program have me feeling better than I could have ever imagined and I did it without starving or depriving myself in any way.

I am getting myself into better shape and my goal of becoming fit and healthy is getting closer every day.

Here's a link to my Progress Photos.

Current Diet Type
Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program (CALP)

Current Exercise Routine
Resistance/Strength Training using Bowflex, Walk Away the Pounds (WATP), & Callanetics

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