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Children, Buffets, and Weight Gain

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I had my third and last child when I was 30 years old. My oldest daughter was 5 years old, my second daughter was 14-1/2 months old, and my youngest son was born two months before my 31st birthday. After the birth of my third child I attempted to lose weight again. The only way I knew how to do it was to eat low fat, so I did. I had the same problem with low fat dieting as I did before and I was always hungry. I stuck to the plan long enough to lose some weight but since it was too difficult for me to do long term, I began the yo-yo dieting again.

I was in charge of the cooking and it seemed like we would have the same things every week. Our meals became boring and I didn't really like to cook so we started going out to dinner all the time when I was around 35 years old. My husband usually agreed to whatever I chose and my favorite place was a Chinese Buffet Restaurant. We would go once a week and since I loved their BBQ ribs, I would fill my plate with ribs plus many other dishes. I always had to have a cup of won ton soup, and it would never fail that I would go back for another plate of ribs and anything else I liked. My carbohydrate of choice has always been sweets and I never missed an opportunity to have a couple of their brownies for dessert.

I liked to eat at buffet restaurants because the kids could get what they wanted and so could I. I was really good at starting with a salad and then I would fill my plate with food. I always went back for more of the food I liked and never skipped dessert, sometimes having two different kinds.

We moved our family to our present home when I was 39 years old and we lived a bit too far from town to enjoy our previous lifestyle of dining out all the time. I continued to yo-yo diet, and when I was not being strict, I always began my day with some sort of carbohydrate. I love sweets and would not hesitate to eat cookies, cake, cinnamon toast, pancakes or something like that for breakfast. My kids usually ate cereal for breakfast and enjoyed pancakes or waffles whenever I would cook them. Since the kids were homeschooled by me and were always home, our lunches would consist of either leftovers, a sandwich and chips, or if we were in town, we would eat fast food. Our dinner meals were usually balanced with protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables and I always made sure I had a large bowl of ice cream for dessert.

During a shopping trip to Costco, my husband picked up the book called the Carbohydrate Addicts Lifespan Program, and that book changed everything...

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About LowCarbForLife

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About me

I'm Teri and I am 54 years old. I have been fighting my weight since I was fourteen, dieting my way all the way up to 236 lbs. I started my weight loss program on March 3, 2008, and at that time I was unable to get into the largest pair of jeans I owned, size 18W. I have lost close to 100 pounds, and I now wear a size 4 jeans. My diet and exercise program have me feeling better than I could have ever imagined and I did it without starving or depriving myself in any way.

I am getting myself into better shape and my goal of becoming fit and healthy is getting closer every day.

Here's a link to my Progress Photos.

Current Diet Type
Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program (CALP)

Current Exercise Routine
Resistance/Strength Training using Bowflex, Walk Away the Pounds (WATP), & Callanetics

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