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CALP and My 10 Day Cruise to Alaska

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I had a wonderful cruise to Alaska with my husband, mother, and father. My sister took us to the pier in San Francisco where we loaded the boat to begin our journey. None of us had eaten anything before we left home so as soon as we unloaded our carry on bags, we went to the buffet for lunch. I had already made the decision to switch my Reward Meal from the lunch hour to dinner, so my first meal of the day was a Complementary Meal. I kept notes of the foods that I ate and have already added them to my Daily Menu and Exercise Journal.

As soon as we finished our lunch, we returned to our staterooms and found our luggage had arrived. I helped my mom unpack her suitcases and get settled into her room before I headed to mine where my husband and I did the same. After getting everything unpacked, I discovered I was missing a bag and was extremely happy to be able to retrieve it from the pursers desk. As soon as we were settled in, it was time to meet my folks for dinner.

We were scheduled for anytime dining which began at 5:20 p.m., and ended at 9:30 p.m. , each and every evening. I actually preferred the anytime dining because it is exactly like the other dining room except we do not have to be at the dining room at any particular time and we also had the choice to dine with others or by ourselves. I was strict with the rule of not eating carbohydrates outside of my Reward Meal but found that eating in the dining room each evening caused me to exceed the one hour time limit. I never felt deprived because I allowed myself to eat like a normal person while still following the other guidelines of the program. I began each Reward Meal with a roll & butter and ended every single one of them with dessert. It is amazing how easy it is to begin each Reward Meal with a salad and then eat the same amount of protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates, and still lose weight.

I took a Walk Away the Pounds dvd with me but found that my stateroom was too small for me to get it done. I was able to get one workout of Callanetics done and then I decided to spend my time vacationing instead. Since I had planned on taking the stairs everywhere that I went instead of the elevator, I had confidence that I would get plenty of exercise. I even went to the gym once and that trip has definitely given me more appreciation for my Bowflex. The day after my workout, my arms were so sore that I could not lift them up and over my head.

Every evening after dinner we would find a brochure on our bed that contained the events of the following day. We took full advantage of the shows which included singing & dancing, comedy, juggling, magic, and, much to my enjoyment, a ventriloquist. We also enjoyed some of the classes that were offered including ballroom dancing and line dancing.

I really enjoyed dressing up for dinner each evening and was just as comfortable as I was walking around in jeans everyday. There were two formal nights scheduled which my husband and I attended. The morning that the second formal night was scheduled was the day that my husband asked if we could eat at the Italian/Pizzeria. Since I knew I could eat pizza and still remain on plan, I agreed to join him. It was almost time for us to eat dinner when I overheard someone say that lobster was being served in the dining room. My husband knows how much I love lobster and I was already dressed in a cocktail dress, so my husband was kind enough to change out of his cargo pants and into his suit so we could attend formal night and I could have lobster. It worked out better than I could have ever imagined when he was able to enjoy his pizza the following day while I enjoyed a salad. My plan was to also enjoy the four leftover jumbo shrimp that were served with my lobster and placed into my refrigerator the night before.

My husband and I shopped in the raining town of Ketchican, took an excursion in Juneau, and my folks joined us on an excursion in Skagway. None of us got off the boat when we docked in Victoria because we arrived at 7 a.m., the morning after setting our clocks an hour ahead. I was tired, rain was predicted, and I did not want to get up early just to rush back to the ship since we were only going to be there a total of six hours. Every single time that we would leave a port, there would be several announcements requesting the passengers that had not checked back in, to do so.

I am happy to report that I saw a new low on the scale when I returned home. The scale has jumped up a couple of pounds, but I am still three pounds lighter than I was the day before I left!

Teri and her mom in Skagway, Alaska
Teri attending line dancing class aboard ship
Teri and her dad in Skagway, Alaska
Teri taking in the sights at the Tracy Arm fjord
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How great!!!

It's so fun to see you, Teri! All this time I've thought you were blonde!!!

HFL since Thanksgiving Day 1997


Thanks for the pics and the post- you look GREAT!!!
CALP since 7/2003

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Thanks for Your Comments

Delilah & Eno,

Thank you for leaving your comments. I really need to post the picture that was taken of me a few days before I started this way of eating. Losing the 80 pounds is still unbelievable to me, and the difference in my appearance between then and now is extremely satisfying!

edit 9/19/10 @ 1:00 pm: Here's a link to my 'before' CALP photo.

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