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My Journey Back to Slim Day 3

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No question about it. This is the right program for me. Today I didn't take my usual "cat nap" after a heavy load of carbs for lunch. In fact, I didn't even have lunch at all. Had planned to do a snack, but got busy and didn't. Usually I feel starved after a gym workout, but today I had breakfast about 10:15 and worked out at 12:00. Waited till 6:30 to eat with my DH. The scales are slowly shifting downward and my usually too-tight-jeans were almost comfortable today.

Pre-breakfast: coffee w/heavy cream

Breakfast: 2-egg omelet with green onion , mushrooms, sausage, cheese and

RM Dinner: salad, lamb steak, beets and beet greens, zuchinni with swiss
cheese, fruit salad. oreo cookies

Exercise: Regular gym work-out. Added some reps. Did balance exercise.
Otherwise same as Monday.

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I am very happy for you, you seem to be transitioning really well to your program. Isn't is wonderful to find a way to eat that is not only satisfying, but easy to follow?

For me, the hardest part was watching the scale move so slowly, but the reality of my situation was, I had a lot of weight to lose! Looking back, I am pleased with the speed that I lost my weight because I was obese for over half of my life and my skin is not hanging off of me like I was afraid it might.

Wishing you the best!


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Reward Meal Time

Hi Teri,

Thanks for the encouragement. I have a couple of questions for you since you've been so successful on this plan.

I don't like to eat late. It doesn't agree with me and my stomach just isn't real happy when I go to bed after a heavy meal. Last night I didn't start eating my reward meal until 6:45. Not good.

I'm not crazy about breakfast either. Like you I need to cover up eggs with something. Thinking about trying the green salsa. I like regular salsa on eggs but I know it is too high in carbs with the tomatoes and onions that it is made of. Have any fresh breakfast ideas?

Prior to this plan, I often ate popcorn and some fruit (Maybe some yogurt with the fruit) for dinner. That's usually enough for me. What do you think? I think I'd like to try that instead of a whole meal. If I just have to have pizza or a slice of pie or other dessert I could save it till then, but most of the time, I don't think I'd care if I had desert at all.

Would appreciate your input.



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When I first started this program my reward meals were consumed in the evenings. We changed to the afternoons when my husband began working from home a few years ago for that very reason, we did not want to eat that heavily in the evenings. My preference is to enjoy my lighter meal of protein and vegetables around 6 p.m., leaving me comfortable and satisfied for the rest of the evening.

I am not in the habit of eating in the mornings but when I do, I do not hesitate to include some sort protein and vegetable. If I want to make it my reward meal, I add carbohydrates. On Monday, my husband and I had a long car trip so we grabbed some of our leftover chicken and I cleaned and packed some celery that we placed into our cooler. Our arrival time was around noon so we consumed our meal on the road before we arrived. My suggestion would be for you to enjoy whatever you like and not worry about "breakfast" foods.

Dessert is my favorite part of my reward meal. The Carbohydrate Addict's LifeSpan Program is about balance. One meal a day I include carbohydrates to my main meal, doing my best to eat the same amount of protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates. My salad, two cups of lettuce, is never included as part of the balance. Any other meal I wish to consume, known as complementary meals, would include protein and vegetables that do not have to be balanced.

The main reason I believe I have been successful following this program is because I get to enjoy the foods that I desire. I find the three simple guidelines of the program easy to follow and no one is telling me what I can or can not eat.

I hope my response was helpful. As far as I am concerned, you will definitely succeed if you make this program fit your needs and desires.


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I agree completely. After doing every diet on the planet, the only one I liked (though they all helped me lose weight) was Weight Watchers. If you count your points,you can eat anything you want whenever you want. That works for me--except for the part about being a carb addict.

This plan is much better. I haven't had run-away hunger spells since I started. In fact, even though I have Oreos left in my kitchen, I didn't even want them. Didn't even want them at my RM. Wow! Now that is something I hadn't figured on.


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