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The most beautiful television commercial I've ever seen...

In all honesty, this is the most beautiful advertisement I've ever seen.

Perhaps because it touched my heart. For decades, I've railed against the over-labeling of children as having mental disorders. Against the drugging of children who don't behave quite the way the adults do–the 'problem' children.

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Getting Started

I've given this a lot of thought. I'm 22 weeks into my pregnancy and I know without a doubt that I feel better and have more focus when I moderate my carbohydrate intake. The sugar cravings go away and I have a lot more energy.

I read CAD sometime last year but never committed to it. It seemed like a very reasonable plan and I wish I had stuck with it instead of letting myself go. Well, today is a new day! I have decided to do a loose version of CAD while I'm pregnant. As long as my doctor doesn't have issue with my weight then I will continue. I don't doubt that the program is healthy for me and the baby.

My loose version will go as follows:

1. 3 meals per day; no snacking in between

2. 2 CMs and 1 RM (dinner mostly)

3. RM foods I will allow during CMs in moderation: avocado, full-fat yogurt, raw carrots, tomatoes, onions, and raw nuts (as condiment)

As for exercise, I've been consistently walking three days per week and doing a toning routine 2 days per week. I'll continue with that for as long as I can.

I hope to document my progress here and maybe encourage someone else.

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Lifehacker: How to Get a Complete Workout with Nothing But Your Body

Here's an interesting article: how to get a full-body workout without gym equipment.

Topics include:

  1. Cardio
  2. Upper Body
  3. Core / Midsection
  4. Lower Body

If you want to get (or stay) fit but can't or don't want to spend money on gym equipment or memberships, this is worth reading and bookmarking.

Lifehacker: How to Get a Complete Workout with Nothing But Your Body

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Cardio may be hurting you

Here's an interesting study described by Dr. Harris (Archevore):

Among the interesting tidbits:

The more marathons run, the higher the likelihood of heart disease. The number of marathons run was an independent and significant predictor of the likelihood of myocardial damage.


It's time for some Kuhnian iconoclasm. Let's take the hammer to some "normal science".

I think that atherosclerosis is not caused by lack of sustained high-level aerobic ("cardio") exercise.

Just like I don't think lack of "cardio" is the cause of the obesity epidemic.

I think premature atherosclerois is mostly caused by diet. Our susceptibility to a bad diet is contributed to by genetics.

I think that not only does sustained "cardio" not protect you from atherosclerosis, I think it is quite likely that through repetitive shear stress with endothelial damage and promotion of an inflammatory state, that it may promote atherosclerosis and/or direct cardiac muscle damage.

Further, I think that excessive "cardio" might precipitate the thromboembolic and acute inflammatory events like plaque rupture - acute heart attacks, even if it does not directly contribute to atherosclerosis, which I think it does.

Source: "Cardio" may cause heart disease - Part I

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Salt no threat, says study

Here's a bit of cheery news, if you like your salt:

Eating less salt will not prevent heart attacks, strokes or early death, according to a major study.

Its findings contradict all recommendations by the Government and medical profession urging the public to reduce the amount of salt they consume.

Research involving nearly 6,500 people concluded that there was ‘no strong evidence’ that lowering levels in the diet reduced the risk of heart disease or premature death.

In fact it found that cutting back on salt actually raises the likelihood of death in some patients with heart problems.

Source: Cutting back on salt 'does not make you healthier' (despite nanny state warnings) (

The study may be flawed, so take it all with a grain of salt (and head over to to read the full story).

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Grain Free Scale Results After 14 Days!

The last day that I included grains in my diet was on 6/10/11. I have made CALP my way of eating the last three years by including the foods I love and staying within the guidelines of the program. This is the easiest program I have ever followed and I know, with time, the rest of my excess weight will disappear.

I am more active and I feel great since I began taking my health seriously. I am in control of my diet and my goal is getting closer everyday. Exercise has become an important part of my life and getting myself fit and healthy continues to be my goal.

06/11/11...146.50, day 1, weigh in.

06/12/11...146.00, day 2, lost .50 lb., down .50 pound.

06/13/11...145.50, day 3, lost .50 lb., down 1 pound.

06/14/11...144.75, day 4, lost .75 lb., down 1.75 pounds.

06/15/11...144.50, day 5, lost .25 lb., down 2 pounds.

06/16/11...144.00, day 6, lost .50 lb., down 2.50 pounds.

06/17/11...143.00, day 7, lost 1.0 lb., down 3.50 pounds.

06/18/11...143.00, day 8, same, down 3.50 pounds.

06/19/11...144.00, day 9, gain 1.0 lb., down 2.50 pounds.

06/20/11...143.50, day 10, lost .50., down 3 pounds.

06/21/11...143.50, day 11, same, down 3 pounds.

06/22/11...142.00, day 12, lost 1.50, down 4.50 pounds.

06/23/11...142.00, day 13, same, down 4.50 pounds.

06/24/11...142.00, day 14, same, down 4.50 pounds!

Since I did not get a chance to post my update when I completed the first two weeks, here are the latest results I have.

06/25/11...141.00, day 15, lost 1.0 lb., down 5.50 pounds.

06/26/11...142.00, day 16, gain 1.0 lb., down 4.50 pounds.

06/27/11...142.50, day 17, gain .50 lb., down 4 pounds.

Still not missing grains at all!

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Dietary grains and their avoidance

I've been reading more about gluten, grains, and "paleo" diets–mainly in support of Teri's decision to go grain-free and her recent (and dramatic) results after cutting all wheat-based carbs from her diet.

I'll blog interesting articles as I find them. This is the first installment. If you know of additional educational resources, please drop a comment at the end of this post, and I'll include it in my next post, with attribution.

Why avoid seed grains?

Kurt Harris, MD argues for gluten/grain avoidance, and describes the effect grain feeding has on beef cattle and humans alike:

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Grain Free Scale Results After 7 Days!

I began an experiment beginning on the 11th of June. A friend of ours mentioned to my husband that he lost weight by cutting grains from his diet. I have been trying to introduce other carbohydrates into my diet besides chocolate, and I didn't realize that every carbohydrate that I like to eat besides avocados, chocolate, fruit, and nuts, contain flour.

I was really excited to begin eliminating grains in my diet because I hope to find out how certain foods affect me. I want to know why my scale has been bouncing around so much lately and going without grains for thirty days sounded like the easiest experiment I could try.

Six days after going grain free, I ate lunch at an all you can eat pizza parlor with a group of six of us. My intention was to eat from the salad bar, hoping I could get enough protein. I had already mentioned to some of the group that I had gone grain free and since I had no problem going to the pizza parlor, one of the women asked me if I was going to eat the toppings off of the pizza. I didn't think of that and once she mentioned it, I knew I could get enough protein, not missing the bread at all.

I continue to follow the guidelines of CALP and I have lost weight every single day since going grain free. I have noticed since I have given up grains that I am not as hungry during mealtimes which has lead me to eat less. Is it coincidence, or do grains...flour in my case, affect me negatively. Only time will tell!

6.11.11 - 146-1/2 lbs.

6.12.11 - 146 lbs., lost 1/2 lb.

6.13.11 - 145-1/2 lbs., lost 1/2 lb., down 1 lb.

6.14.11 – 144-3/4 lbs., lost 3/4 lb., down 1-3/4 lbs.

6.15.11 - 144-1/2 lbs., lost 1/4 lbs., down 2 lbs.

6.16.11 - 144 lbs., lost 1/2 lb., down 2-1/5 lbs.

6.17.11 - 143 lbs., lost 1 lb., down 3-1/2 lbs.

Positive results so far!

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Grain Free Scale Results After 3 Days!

My weight began creeping up over twenty nine years ago, despite dieting. Looking back over the years, it seems like I was always on a diet. My willpower was good for awhile and then all was lost.

Three years after beginning this program, I am smaller than I ever could have imagined. I wanted to do it my way and never deprive myself of the foods that I wanted. I love the way that I eat while following CALP and accepted it as my lifelong way of eating right from the beginning.

I am very confident with my ability to follow this program and I am eating healthier by following it. I have noticed that I am the same weight as I was three months ago, even though I have seen lower numbers on my daily weigh ins, and I am conducting an experiment to see if eliminating grains may have an affect on my weight.

Here are my results so far:

6/11 – 146-1/2 lbs.

6/12 – 146 lbs., down 1/2 lb.

6/13 – 145-1/2 lbs., down another 1/2 lb.

So far, so good!

I still have a love, hate, relationship with the scale but I am working on it. I look in the mirror and see the last ten or twenty pounds I have left on my body, but I do not want to see the same ten or twenty pounds reflected on the scale. The bottom line is that I am becoming slim, fit and healthy, which has always been my ultimate goal!

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Summer Wardrobe

I have always considered shopping for clothes too big of an effort since I never liked the way that I looked in anything. On my way to smaller clothes, I discovered thrift stores as a place for me to shop since I did not plan on staying in the same size clothes for very long. As soon as the clothes became too big, I donated them right back, getting more designer clothes that are not available at my local Walmart or Kmart.

Now that I am smaller, shopping is a lot more enjoyable. My upper body went from a size XXL to a S, and the largest pair of pants that I ever owned were a size18W, which I outgrew three months before beginning this program.

I am now a size 6 and when I was at Walmart, I picked up a couple pair of Bermuda shorts for $12 each. When I tried them on at home, I liked them so well that I used them as a pattern and cut a pair of my jeans to match. My shorts look just as good as the ones I bought so I will have several pair of Bermuda shorts this summer by picking up $3 or $4 jeans at the thrift stores and making my own.

I am allowing myself to buy new clothes for my upper body because I can get into a small now. Some are a little tighter around the back/breast area, but they are not anything that I can not wear right now. Between the tank tops and camp shirts, I believe I am set for the summer.

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