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5.21.13, Low Carb Diet Journal

I have no idea why my weight popped up since I have been keeping my meals around 1200 calories. With that amount of calories, my weight should be dropping, not gaining! Oh well, as long as I am satisfied with my meals and I continue to balance my foods, I am sure my weight will drop eventually.

I started my day with a pot of decaf coffee and when I got to my last cup, I did not add any cream to it. It did not taste as good as the other cups I had with half of a teaspoon of cream in them, but I wanted to see if I could drink it black again. At this point, I will be limiting my coffee to a half of a pot which should be about three cups, and I will be adding a teaspoon of cream to each of them.

My husband was up early so when he suggested omelets for breakfast, I agreed. I am so happy that I can now eat eggs without having to add ketchup to them. All I needed to do was add some jack cheese to the eggs and they taste good to me now. This morning my omelet included two eggs with two strips of sliced bacon, about a cup of broccoli, and about a quarter cup of jack cheese. My omelet was delicious and when I entered my menu into, I was happy to see that I have plenty of calories to enjoy the meal that I want to have for my dinner.

In case anyone has noticed, I have changed my carbohydrate meal to the second time I eat each day. On two separate occasions recently, I ate my carbs early in the day and then I ended up choosing to eat them again later. My current weight reflects my weakness so if I attempt to make this small change I will have less chance for failure!

I went out and fed my chickens and I collected seven eggs. After the chickens, I went inside my rabbit barn and began processing the rabbits. I checked the nest boxes and some of the does had already began pulling fur so I hope to see some babies in the nests tomorrow. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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My Body Composition Results

Even though I have lost over a hundred pounds, which makes me much smaller than I was when I began my program five years ago, I have a hard time accepting that I am no longer fat, thanks to my remaining belly flap. I am still watching my body shrink so I decided that it was time for me to take a really good look at my naked body.

My thoughts:

Gravity does not look good on me;

I would look much better if I could lift and tighten up a few areas;

My body looks better than I ever thought possible;

Clothes do a wonderful job of hiding my imperfections;

The only people that actually see my flaws are my husband and me.

My conclusion:

I am healthy and fit so it is now time for me to change the way that I think about myself!

I discovered thrift stores after I began losing weight because I needed to buy clothes that fit. Since I was confident that the program I was following would lead me to success, I did not want to spend money on new clothes because I did not plan on wearing them very long. Over many years of yo-yo dieting, I had acquired jeans in sizes 14, 16, and 18. Size 18 was the largest pair I owned, not because it was the largest size I should wear, but because I refused to buy a bigger size even though I could not fit into them.

Because of my fabulous program, it did not take me long to go from not being able to get into my size 18 jeans, to wearing them. As the time passed, I went from size 18, to 16, and then I reached the smallest size jeans that I owned, 14. Each time I got myself into a smaller size, I donated the ones that I used to wear because I had no intention of ever wearing them again. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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Teri's weight loss results chart

Teri's weight loss chart as of March, 2013

The green star indicates the month I started Callanetics. The red diamond marker indicates the month I stopped taking GTF chromium supplements.

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3.01.13, Low Carb Diet Journal

I dropped 2-1/2 lbs., weighing 130-1/2 lbs. this morning. This is my all time lowest weight I have seen in over thirty years. Amazing how well the weight comes off when I skip a meal the day before!

My morning began with two cups of coffee with cream. The first thing I did was pick up my Shih Tzu and begin grooming him. It had been over two months since I cut his hair and it really needed to be done. The hair on these dogs continue to grow so you would think he would be used to me cutting the hair between the pads of his feet as well as every place else, but he still gets nervous. Once his feet and legs were done I took him into the bathroom and began grooming him with the clippers. I managed to get him all done before lunch and I even clipped his nails.

I was going to have some Mexican steak for lunch but my husband made some more broccoli and cheese soup and it was ready to eat. I poured me a bowl and when I finished I went into my freezer and cut me a piece of coconut bread. I defrosted the bread and ate it, completing my meal.

My husband was working on my mom's carpet shampooer so in order to test it, we used it on our carpets. The soap was not working when I brought it home and since he got it working, we shampooed the carpets in our living and dining rooms.

When I went out to feed my animals, I bred a couple of the rabbits. Now that it is so close to spring, I should not have any problems getting them bred.

Dinner was leftovers. My husband and I split the last of the Mexican steak and since that was not enough for me, I had a bowl of broccoli and cheese soup too.

Friday, 3.01.13

130-1/2 lbs.

Breakfast: Coffee w/cream
Lunch: Broccoli & cheddar cheese soup, coconut bread
Dinner: Mexican steak, broccoli & cheese soup

Carbs: coconut bread, tomatoes
Protein: cheese, steak
Vegetables: bell peppers, broccoli
Beverages: coffee, water


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Low Calorie Experiment

My weight loss journey is still in progress. Actually, I am so close to my ideal weight that I made a change to my way of eating at the end of last year. I was tired of seeing a low weight of 140 lbs., and became desperate to show some weight loss by the end of 2012. My thought was to continue my program, cutting down on my portion sizes, and it went well the first month. I started tracking my food in and lost 7 lbs. after the first month, seeing my weight drop to 132 lbs. for the first time since 1982.

The second month got a lot tougher. My goal was to lose another 7 lbs., reaching 125 lbs. Somehow, I managed to begin choosing foods that I would not normally eat because they were less calories. Some days I wanted more food and other days I would have been happy with less. Unfortunately, I made sure to eat enough calories each day so I would not go into starvation mode.

After seeing the same number on the scale for a couple of weeks, I went out to dinner to celebrate a family birthday at an all you can eat sushi buffet. I don't know if it was because of all the information I was reading about weight plateaus or if it was because I was tired of limiting my food, but I ate everything I wanted to eat that night. Since I had no idea how the food was prepared, leaving no chance of getting even close to being accurate, I did not bother trying record my food in I resumed logging my meals the following day and it did not take me long before I got tired of measuring and logging my food each and every time, each and every day. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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2.01.13, Low Carb Diet Journal

I was happy to see my weight drop a pound and I weighed 132-1/2 lbs. this morning. I enjoyed my two cups of green tea and then I got started with drinking my water. One of these days I am going to remember to start keeping track of how much I am drinking.

I wanted something different for lunch so I asked my husband if he would make us coconut chicken strips. I helped by getting out three bowls and I poured coconut flour into one bowl, a mixture of egg and coconut milk in another, and shredded coconut in the last one while my husband finished up deep frying his potato chips. We had some potatoes that he wanted to use so he sliced a few in the grater and when they were ready, I grabbed a couple. They were delicious but they were too thick for potato chips so he took out the food processor and put the potatoes through it. When I finally got the delicious taste of potato out of my mouth and I knew I wasn't going to go back for more, my husband offered me one of his potato chips. I had to try it and it was really good. I was able to resist the rest of the potatoes and started making us a couple of salads.

My salad was made with romaine lettuce, almonds, avocado, celery, cucumber, and our homemade cilantro dressing. The chicken strips were made with two chicken breasts that were cut into strips. Each strip was dipped into the coconut flour, egg/coconut milk, and then the coconut. The recipe called for them to be baked in the oven but the deep fryer was already hot and ready so my husband deep fried them. The recipe did not ask for any spices but my husband added salt and pepper to them. They were delicious and since we have some left, I will be having them with my salad for lunch again tomorrow. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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1.15.13, Low Carb Diet Journal

My weight is still 132-1/2 lbs., and I am patiently waiting for my scale to budge! My obsession over the numbers on my scale really needs to come to an end, because I am getting tired of this. Sure I loved it when the scale was telling me that my weight was coming down, but the waiting game of hoping to see it drop day after day is getting old. I have it all figured scale drops weight and then my body has to catch up...or is it just the opposite? Okay, maybe I don't have it all figured out, but I do know that I am going to stick to my lower calorie lifestyle for one more month and see where it gets me.

I drank both cups of my green tea and gave a lot of thought to how I will be following my lower calorie program. The first month is over so I am halfway through my two month experimental, low calorie, low carb lifestyle. I will admit that I did not balance my meals as well as I could or maybe even should have the first month, but I lost seven pounds in a six week period. One meal, the one when I would normally include both protein and vegetables, I gave up the vegetable portion so I could eat more protein calories. The other meal, the one that begins with the salad, it usually began with a salad but the rest of my meal was not balanced because I was eating more protein. Somehow I managed to keep my vegetables and carbohydrates fairly balanced, so I did not waiver too far from the guidelines of CALP. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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1.01.13, Low Carb Diet Journal

My weight was 133-1/2 lbs., and this is the lowest weight I have seen in over thirty years. I can't believe how well CALP works with low calorie dieting, and in my case, it is working quite well. I am doing my best to follow my natural diet by choosing the foods that I want to eat. My food preference these days is meat (chicken and fish included), and not carbohydrates. Since I like the majority of my calories coming from my meat, I am including half of an avocado and my vegetables as my carbohydrates each day. So far, this seems to be easy for me and I am becoming more excited each and every day I see my scale drop!

I drank both cups of my tea while catching up with my computer work. My husband asked me if I wanted to take a walk outside and since it was 39 degrees, I declined. I hope it warms up a bit this afternoon because I have a lot of things I could be doing outside.

I could smell bacon cooking. My husband defrosted some bacon the other day and needed to cook it. Since it smelled so wonderful, he served me a piece. Since it tasted so wonderful, I had him serve me another. Now I get to enter my snack into and see how my food situation looks for the day.

Lunch was a fresh salad and the last of the leftover pork roast. You would think that I would be tired of pork but I looked in my freezer for some pork ribs. Unfortunatly, I could not find any so when I go to the store tomorrow, I hope to find them on sale. My husband gave me the last 8 oz. serving of pork roast and when it was warm, he drizzled some of his delicious glaze over the top of it. I made two salads adding two cups of romaine lettuce, one half of an avocado, four medium stalks of chopped organic celery, and two tablespoons of commercial Ranch dressing to mine. I am out of cucumber so I doubled up on the celery. When I finished my meal, I left a half an ounce of fat on my plate, and consumed 7.5 oz. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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Happy New Year, 2013!

Happy New Year!!!

Began CALP on 3.03.08
Began Exercising on 4.14.08
Beginning Weight: Approximately 236 lbs.
Beginning Clothing Sizes: Top- size XXL, Bottom - size 20W
Began Eating Wheat and Gluten Free on 10.27.11

Present Weight: 133-1/2 lbs. - Goal Weight: 125 lbs.
Present Clothing Sizes: Top - sizes S & M, Bottom - size 4
Present BMI: 23.74 – Goal BMI: 22.1

Weight Loss Results:

2008: 3.04-N/A, 4.01-N/A, 5.06-218, 5.27-213.25, 6.27-209, 7.22-205, 8.03-203, 9.03-200, 10.04-196, 11.03-194, 12.02-188 – Lost 30+ lbs.

2009: 1.03-187.5, 2.02 & 3.02-183.5, 4.01-185, 5.02-182.5, 6.04-180.25, 7.01-176.5, 8.02-176, 9.02-173, 10.01-173.5, 11.04-175.25, 12.01-170 – Lost 17.5 lbs.

2010: 1.01-164, 2.07-165, 3.02-162, 4.01-161.5, 5.01-160, 6.01-157, 7.01-158, 8.01-156, 9.10-154, 10.01-154, 11.01-158, 12.01-155 – Lost 9 lbs.

2011: 1.01-150, 2.01-146, 3.01.148, 4.01-146, 5.01-144, 6.01-146, 7.03-139.75, 8.01-139, 9.03-139, 10.01-140, 11.01-139, 12.01-140, 12.31-139.5 – Lost 10.5 lbs.

2012: 1.07-140, 2.02-140, 3.01-141, 4.04-143, 5.01-141, 6.01-141, 7.01-143, 8.01-145.5, 9.01-142, 10.01-139.5, 11.01-140, 12.01-139, 12.31-134 - Lost 6 lbs.

With this being the beginning of a new year, I thought I would publish my stats. Looking back, I am extremely happy that I began to find my way to a healthier me. I was three months away from my 49th birthday and I was ready to try and get my weight off once again. I was unable to get into the largest pair of jeans I owned and I was too stubborn to go out and buy a bigger size. Size 18W was the largest pair of pants I ever bought for myself and at 5'3” and around 236 lbs., I could not get them zipped. First it was disgust with myself and then I made it a health issue. The fact was, my 50th birthday was closer than I wanted to admit and I needed to get myself in better health if I wanted my future to include an active life. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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12.01.12, Low Carb Diet Journal

It is the first day of December and my weight is 139 lbs. Okay, it is not the first time my scale has reached 139 lbs. in the last year, but my determination to lose the last of my excess weight will be the driving force behind me getting there. I lowered my portion sizes the last two days of November, and I have also been tracking my food and exercises by entering them into This month I will be following my own low calorie, low carb program.

When I started my diet back in 2008, I never thought I would be willing to give up any foods. As a matter of fact, I was adamant that it would never happen. Why would I want to go without when the diet I was following allowed me to eat anything that I wanted to eat. I mean really, what diet is going to be easier than that. It was only last year when my husband read the Wheat Belly book to me. One of the primary reasons I gave it up was because I wanted to see if a rash I have had on my leg may be caused by a wheat allergy. Wheat was already limited in my diet because I usually preferred to eat other carbohydrates so it made it easy for me to eliminate it completely. At one point, the small rash that is still remaining covered the entire front of my lower leg and I even had a biopsy done. Even though I got a general diagnosis, I have never been given any cream or medicine that would even come close to curing it. I gave up wheat and gluten over a year ago and my rash is still here.

Only yesterday, I realized just how many calories I have been consuming because of the cream I have been adding to my two and sometimes three cups of coffee in the morning. I have been reading that the principal symptoms of a milk allergy are gastrointestinal, dermatological, and respiratory , so I am going to eliminate dairy from my diet for awhile. Since elimination of this food is the only way I will be able to tell if it may be causing my dermatological problems, I am now willing to give it a try. Click here to continue reading, or leave a comment »

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